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20 Unity Court Receives Support from Residents’ Association for Addition (Video)

Dr. Edward Harlowe and Marybeth Pearlberg received a supportive vote, 16-9, from the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) for their zoning request at 20 Unity Court. The petitioners presented a 4.5’x12′ three-story addition that would fill a “notch” in their existing building, which is an owner-occupied single family residence. The property is adjacent to the Old North Church Memorial Garden and has been owned by the current residents since 1992. The fill-in addition is slightly higher than the existing roof, but below the 55′ North End standard height limit.

View the video above for the complete presentation and discussion, held at the NEWRA meeting on April 9, 2015. A timeline for the video is shown below.

  • (00:00) Presentation
  • (9:45) Questions and Comments
  • (20:10) Vote Tally