The Weekender: Sewer Shut Down, Park Improvements, Dog Poop Minefield and More!

So this is what Spring looks like? Between snow melting, sidewalk clean up, water main breaks and flooding, it seems like the North End has been in repair mode the past few months. Check out more on some of the efforts and more local stories in The Weekender!

Top Posts This Week:

Flooded Hanover St. (Photo by Philip Frattaroli)

Sewer Work Closes North End Business District

Hanover and Salem Streets, the center of the North End restaurant and business district was temporarily shut down this past week after a water main break continued to leak, flooding sectors of the neighborhood and causing a traffic nightmare. Check it out.

Notable News: Chairing Converse, Rising Waters, Nick Varano, Chef Nightly and Bruins Religion

While you are catching up on the top posts from, why not take a look at other posts from alternative news sources. Read the post for stories on Converse moving in, the latest venture from Nick Varano, and more!

Downtown View: Young Adults Invest in City

Many living in the North End neighborhood would agree with the sentiment that young people living in the neighborhood have loud parties, drink too much and skew trash on the sidewalks. Read Karen’s column for the other side of the story where young people are settling down, looking to invest and contribute to moving the city forward.

North End Boxwood Garden Restoration Project Begins (NEWF Image)
North End Boxwood Garden Restoration Project Begins (NEWF Image)

North End Park Improvements Begin on Greenway; New Swings and Funding

The plans for spring upgrades to the North End parks on the Greenway are commencing. Among the improvements are eight porch swings, transformation of the boxwood garden beds and more. See the post for more details.

Big Crowd Comes Out to Support Rep. Aaron Michlewitz

With his first fundraiser in the neighborhood as chair of the Financial Services Committee, State Rep. Aaron Michlewitz hosted dozens of residents, business owners, and supporters at Ward 8 Restaurant & Bar. View the post for photo coverage and more.

Editor’s Picks:

Watch your step! Photo by Edyie Pedi.
Watch your step! Photo by Edyie Pedi.

Gassy Playground is a Minefield of Dog Poop

Dog waste continues to be an issue within the narrow streets and sidewalks of the North End, and after the snow melting, many took notice to all the poop in the children’s play area of the Gassy.  View the post.

Neighborhood Photo: Reflecting Old North

Neighborhood photos tend to take in scenes from the North End, showing the appreciation for the natural beauty in the area. In this photo, the reflecting view of the Old North Church is seen in a puddle on the Paul Revere Mall. View the neighborhood photo.