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Consolidated North End Board for License & Zoning Presentations Discussed at Neighborhood Council

Video: Open Discussion / Comment period at the October 12, 2011 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council. Video index:

00:00 Trash: How should enforcement be targeting trash violations in the North End?
03:30 Zoning & Licensing Presentations: Instead of licensing and zoning applicants presenting at three neighborhood meetings, should one combined board be created with representatives from NEWNC, NEWRA and the NE Chamber of Commerce?

Representatives from the Neighborhood Council (NEWNC), Residents’ Association (NEWRA), NE Chamber of Commerce and Boston City Hall were all present for the discussion.

9 Replies to “Consolidated North End Board for License & Zoning Presentations Discussed at Neighborhood Council

  1. Agree w/ Frank D 100%. Having two neighborhood boards for such a small area (in sq mileage) is rather silly. I understand why there was a split but sometimes I think the boards inflate their self-importance.

    And was there no answer from the city as to why THEIR property on Commercial St across from the Golden Goose is allowed to put out HUGE amounts of trash every Sunday before 5PM and nothing is done about it? It's not a coincidence that that part of the neighborhood has one of the largest rat problems. Did Nicole Leo comment about that?

    BTW, I love this site and the videos…it allows folks like I am who work and cannot attend the meetings an opportunity to stay in tune w/ neighborhood issues.

  2. Where exactly are the 5-6 other council members? Do they just not show up when Frank Depasqualle is there? Convenient.

    Aside from that, why exactly does the chamber get 4 seats? is there anything they won't support

  3. @Joan…the one board three groups proposal is just another ploy by Frank D to try to control everything in the North End. People do not have to go before the CHamber of COmmerce for any zoning or Licensing issue. That is a made up thing by Frank and the other "executives" of the Chamber. HE is costing people unnecessary legal fees for a rubber stamp by the COC that the city does not even recognize. Under his brilliant idea a business or property owner would still have to attend 4 meetings. One joint committee and then a NEWRA monthly meeting, a NEWNC monthly meeting, and a Chamber of Commerce meeting. So where is the savings? Were you at the NEWNC meeting? Or was the appearance that there were only 6 council members there a function of how Matt taped the meeting? I wasn;t there myself, so I don't know the answer to the 6 council member question. That's a pretty harsh accusation if you weren't there and don;t know how many council members were actually in attendance.

  4. i heard from someone at the meeting that about half the council did not show up probably because they didn't want to vote on something controversial.

    Matt – can you confirm who was there?

  5. The video shows all the members attending the meeting: Jon, Anne, Philip, Bill, Donna and David.

  6. Business owners who are residents may join NEWRA or run for a seat on the NEWNC. If the Chamber of Commerce members do not live here they should have no official voting on any proposals in the neighborhood that effects the quality of life of the people who have to live and sleep here.

  7. There are so many things wrong here. Businesses shouldn't have to present three times but the chamber shouldn't be involved in the process since they don't represent the people that live here. Newra needs to wake up and realize no one really cares what they think because they don't represent the community either, just their little clique. Newnc is a mess with too many conflicts …and half of them don't show up. These groups are hurting the North End more than helping it.

  8. @Joan….if you think you can do a better job for the Northhend, then RUN FOR OFFICE when NEWNC holds their election in May and actually go to a meeting to make your voice heard and your face and real identity known

  9. I finally watched the whole video. Jason is absolutely right…a non resident business owner SHOULD NOT have the right to vote on any matter that effects the quality of life of the people who live here. Contrary to Mr. DePasquale's contention that this is a COMMUNITY OF BUSINESSES….this is a neighborhood of residents with a business community within its borders.Business owners who are residents of the Northend/Waterfront can join NEWRA and/or run for a seat on NEWNC. Mr Ferullo only told half of the story about non resident business owners being on NEWNC back in its infancy. He failed to mention WHY the bylaws were change to keep non resident business owners off the council.

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