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Neighborhood Council Supports Renovation of 20 Unity Court [Video]

Ed Harlow & Mary Beth Pearlberg of 20 Unity Court, received the unanimous support of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) in a 9-0 vote for zoning relief related to their proposed three story renovation/addition of a private single residence building.

The addition to the existing structure will be filling in a “notch” of the existing configuration. The height of the building is not changing and is currently below 55 feet. The added interior space will be used for the existing owners residential use.

In the video, the owner reviews the materials to be used on the exterior that abuts the courtyard of the Old North Church. The subject of a design review by the Boston Redevelopment Authority was raised although no other objections were raised at the meeting.

View the video for the complete presentation, discussion and NEWNC vote.