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Friends of the North End Bocce Alive and Well in Florida

Victor and Lucille finish 1st in Sunny Isles Beach Bocce Tournament

On Thursday, March 5th Lucille Giganti and Victor Passacantilli represented the West End and the North End respectively in the annual Sunny Isles Beach, Florida Bocce Tournament. Players from as far away as Colorado and Michigan to as near as New York and Canada competed in the tournament.

Lucille and Victor finished in 2nd place out of 8 teams during the winter matches thus earning them a berth in the Final Four. In the semi finals they defeated the Canadian team 12 to 10 setting up the the final match against the team from New York who were undefeated during the regular season matches and who were the reigning champions from 2014.

Lucille and Victor’s team, named the Bostonians, played their best match of the 2015 season knocking out the reigning champions 14 to 11 to capture the first place trophy.