The Weekender: Overwhelmed Street Parking, Waterfront Building Heights, Plans for Rising Water in Boston

The sun is out and the temperature is in the mid 30’s, it must be summer – right? When this weather feels like spring, you know that it has been one rough winter. It appears that spring is on the horizon, and now you can actually leave your apartment and walk outside, enjoying the city. If you find yourself still inside, take a minute to recap the top posts of the week. 

Top Posts This Week:

This might take the cake with the parking wars retaliation.

Bully Vandalizes and Defaces Car to Scare Resident Out of Parking Spot

We have heard about cars being damaged for moving parking spaces and seen other ways of retaliation, but this form of retaliation took some time and effort. This person not only vandalized their car but also placed an orange sticker, hoping to appear official and scare this person our of “their” parking spot, view the post.

Trashed Car Becomes Victim of Parking Wars

You have read the stories about cars being vandalized during the parking wars of the North End / Waterfront, but this is proof that these stories are not exaggerated. The owner of this car told us there was no space saver at the time he parked there, but still somebody was territirial enough to take it out on this mans car, continue reading.

Winding path through the snow
Winding path through the snow, Photo by Matt Conti

Icicles, Buried Cars and Single File Sidewalks in North End [Photos]

With this amount of snow falling on our tight knit streets and narrow alleys, there is always repercussions that affect the neighborhood long after the snow has stopped falling. The sidewalks are narrow and icy, with a chance at icicles falling up above. As if that is not enough to paint a picture of the sidewalk conditions, Matt Conti was all around the neighborhood taking photos of just how much of a mess the streets are, view more.

@NorthEndBoston Top 10 Tweets of the Week: Jimmy John’s Open, Sidewalk Obstructed, #GoodSamaritan!

Looking at prominent sources in the neighborhood, covering specific hashtags and current events around the North End / Waterfront, we compile the top 10 tweets of the week. Tag @NorthEndBoston in your tweets to grab our attention and become a source in the twittersphere, take a look at the Top Tweets of the week.

“Preserve Boston’s Waterfront” Seeks to Limit Downtown Waterfront Building Heights

Development is in the air around the city, especially in the downtown waterfront region where it seems there are tower proposals every month that are hoping to shoot up with more residential living, retail space and offices. Not everyone is pumped about the thought of towers being built all over the waterfront, read the article for information on a group that is lobbying against the waterfront building heights that will change Boston’s skyline as we know today.

Editor’s Picks:

The Water Fun(d) (ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge)
The Water Fun(d) (ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge)

Boston Living With Water Competition Finalists; Prince Building Designs

Accepting reality and working through science is one way of planning for the future water levels that are set to rise, making significant impact on the waterfront of Boston. Dozens of proposals were submitted in hopes of attaining a $20,000 grand prize in this climate change competition, read the post for more information on the finalists and competition.

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