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Split Vote on 102-104 Prince Street Addition at Residents’ Association Meeting [Video]

102-104 Prince Street owner, Joyce Pedi, has filed with the Zoning Board of Appeal to construct a one story addition on both buildings with an additional change in legal occupancy at 104 Prince Street. The property is at the corner of Thacher Street in Boston’s North End. The buildings will be up to 55 feet (before mechanicals / headhouses) after the renovation and addition.

Presented by Attorney Daniel Toscano on behalf of Joyce and Gary Pedi, plans were discussed to renovate the buildings. No roof deck or balconies are planned at the property. Gary Pedi operates the Lavanderia shop on the ground floor of 102 Prince Street at the corner of Thacher Street.

Model prepared by resident at 105 Prince Street.

Sue Benveniste at 105 Prince Street asked for the renovated building to have a trash room for cleanliness and to encourage recycling. Thomas S. spoke against the addition at 104 Prince Street, presenting a model to show the impact on his apartment.

NEWRA members voted separately on the proposals for 102 and 104 Prince Street. In a vote of 17-13, NEWRA supported the changes proposed at 102 Prince Street, but opposed 21-9 the plans for 104 Prince Street.

Earlier this week, the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) voted to support both applications. The Boston Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) will make the final determination and will hear the case on December 16, 2014.

View the complete presentation and discussion from the December 11, 2014 NEWRA meeting in the video above.