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Officer Slate Announced at Residents Group Meeting; Parks and Zoning Reports [Video]

The September meeting of the North End / Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) featured a myriad of community reports, including the group’s upcoming annual election of officers in October.

Current NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco introduced the meeting with an update from the Harborfront Alliance. She distributed a letter encouraging State leaders to further study flooding from Boston Harbor and resiliency options (00:10 in video).

The annual NEWRA party will be held on October 30th at the Pilot House. All are welcome. There is a $10 admission charge to cover expenses, including insurance (01:00 in video).

Parks and Open Spaces Committee Chair, Robyn Reed, reported that city trees have new signs encouraging residents to water them. She also warned residents not to pick up needles left in the street or parks. A report to 311 will allow the city Sparks team to respond. (2:00 in video)

Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee Chair, Victor Brogna, explained (5:20 in video) that Inspection Services Commissioner, Dion Irish, canceled his presentation at the last minute due to personal reasons. Otherwise, the ZLC Committee is considering the following requests:

  • 8-12 Battery Street – Roof deck variance request
  • 23 Unity Street – request to close courtyard
  • 49 Charter Street – a redesigned one-story addition is being proposed (previously opposed by NEWRA)

Brogna is also following progress for a development proposal on N. Margin Street (i.e., the Dogfather building), to exceed the longstanding 55 feet high zoning limit.

Election Committee Chair, David Kubiak, announced the committee’s recommended slate of officers for the October 10th NEWRA election and annual meeting. NEWRA bylaws do not have term limits, except for President which is limited to two years.

  • President – Cheyrl Delgreco (for a second term)
  • Vice President – Jennifer Crampton (previous Secretary)
  • Secretary – Kirsten Hoffman
  • Treasurer – Sue Beneviste (third term)
  • Sergeant-at-arms – Mary Holland (second term)

Nominations remain open and may be made at the election meeting from the floor. NEWRA members who have attended two meetings in the past six months are eligible to vote in the October 10th election.