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Councilor Lydia Edwards Talks Puppies and Politics in the North End Dog Park

Councilor Lydia Edwards stopped by the North End dog park to talk “Puppies and Politics” on Thursday evening.

The event, where concerns about dogs in the city were addressed by Councilor Edwards, was well attended by dogs and humans alike. She spent the evening handing out dog treats and talking to the residents who attended.

Boston City Councilor for East Boston, North End, and Charlestown, Edwards used the meet and greet to talk with those present about how they were enjoying the RUFF North End dog park. “I want to go where the people are,” she said as she settled in to discuss any questions people may have.

One concern raised was about the development of Parcel 2, where a West End resident said it would be more convenient if the space located in the Bulfinch Triangle were a dog park.

Edwards talked about the desire for dog parks in Charlestown, where she mentioned that there are more dogs than children in the neighborhood. She also discussed how often poop bags are left abandoned because of the lack of garbage cans to throw them away. For her, advocating for the community (which includes the doggie residents) and the resources that are required to tackle their needs are part of what will improve the quality of life for residents in the neighborhoods she serves.

Dedicated to addressing the concerns of pet ownership, Edwards has always made it important to connect with those living in the city with dogs and the need to provide dog-friendly areas in our neighborhoods. She is running unopposed in the primary on September 24th, 2019. The Councilor can be reached at City Hall here.

6 Replies to “Councilor Lydia Edwards Talks Puppies and Politics in the North End Dog Park

  1. Dear Ruff You people need to get other Dog owners not to let their dogs poop on sidewalks and leave poop bags in our doorways Walked up Cooper st had to dodge dip poop on the sidewalk all the way up to Salem and that’s only one street!

    1. You’re complaining to the people who are doing the right thing? How about acknowledging all the hard work they’ve done before grumbling that they haven’t done enough.

      1. The RUFF organization does a lot of fine work but their responsibility and role is not to track down irresponsible , disrespectful dog owners who refuse to pick up after their dogs. The owners need to be called out not RUFF. The waste is unhealthy and unsightly.

    2. What? How do you intend RUFF police dog owners who refuse to clean up and follow the rules? Good luck with that.

  2. Lydia Edwards spearheaded her “Clean Streets Initiative” while simultaneously refusing to get Lewis Street added to the city’s street sweeping program. It’s a shame that there won’t be another name on the ballot this year.

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