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On Fashion: Discovering Your Personal Style

classwithtwist-600x447Fashion Magazines and Tabloids are filled with editorial shoots perfectly styled and celebrities out running errands looking effortlessly chic.  These celebrities have stylists on call and an endless budget to achieve the perfect look for just about any occasion.  So what about the rest of us?  There are endless articles and TV segments about “Getting the Look for Less” or “Translating the Runway to the Real World”.  They are filled with great tips, but unless you can identify with a trend there is no sense rocking it.  I challenge you to take some time to discover your own personal style.  Many of my clients will default to me for my favorite picks, while I am always happy to share my favorites they are based on my taste and lifestyle.  First things first…flip through fashion magazines and tear out the looks that you like or use Pinterest to create your own fashion board.  Creating a mood board will help you to discover your favorite styles and designers.  Use this board as your fashion inspiration.  Shop your own closet first and you will be surprised what you find, and then you can go shopping to fill in the holes.  Remember that there is not right answer.  It is all about you like and what you feel good in.  At the end of the day personal style is just that…it’s  PERSONAL

Alison Barnard writes about fashion trends and is owner of Twilight Boutique at 12 Fleet St. and in-jean-ius at 441 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. She is also a board member of the North End Waterfront Health & Beauty Alliance (NEWHBA).