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On Fashion: Spice Up Your Rainy Day Wardrobe

Spring jacketsApril is coming to an end, but unfortunately the cold showers continue this week!  The confusing combination of rain then warm and sunny days makes it hard to know how to cover up this time of year.  We Bostonians spend so much time complaining about the weather.  I say stop complaining and buy a new spring trench coat, cute umbrella and some fun rainboots.  Maybe, just maybe….you will smile when you wake up to rain.

First things first, ditch those boring black slickers and opt for a sophisticated trench with some unique details.  Dress without stress – the versatile style coat is meant to be multi-purpose! Originally created for soldiers in World War I, the trench coat is designed to be thin (and slimming), yet protective from the elements.  These jackets will add polish to your everyday looks, taking you from day to night, and sunshine to rain in style!

Next, show your personality with a quirky umbrella.  Why buy a cute umbrella when you’re just going to leave it somewhere? Because you will pass along a little rainy day happiness to the person who finds it, plus you will enjoy it while you have it.  Think of it as paying it forward in the rain.

Lastly, we live in the land of boots and if you don’t have rain boots yet, please add it to your to-do list.  There is nothing worse than cold wet feet.  They come in bright colors and patterns and I highly recommend taking a risk here!  Check out the newest edition to the North End, Luigi and Lola for some chevron patterned black and white boots.

Rain, rain don’t go away, I want to wear my new trench today.

Alison Barnard writes about fashion trends and is owner of Twilight Boutique at 12 Fleet St. and in-jean-ius at 441 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. She is also a board member of the North End Waterfront Health & Beauty Alliance (NEWHBA).