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On Fashion: 4-Never Fail Jean Shopping Tips

1.      The #1 rule in denim shopping: To thine own BUTT be true…Know your body! Flaunt your assets and minimize your flaws. Don’t get caught up in trends or what looks good on a model or your best friend, just because you like the way jeans look on someone else does not mean that they will suit your shape.

hudson2.      Pocket Placement is EVERYTHING. Pockets should sit in the center of your backside and be proportionate to the length, width and curve of your behind. For example you might have a flat butt, but also flat with wide hips…therefore you need a larger pocket, perhaps a flap pocket to give more shape. The key is to make sure the pocket sits in the middle and is angled to give you the most ideal results!

3.      Buy them TIGHT…no seriously you will thank me later. Jeans with any stretch fabric will stretch a full size. Try on one size up and this is what your jeans will stretch out to fit like. I recommend buying them tight because there is nothing worse than extra fabric in the derriere! The alternative is to buy them comfortable allow them to stretch and then take them to the tailor….which brings me to my next point

4.      TAILOR, TAILOR, TAILOR! The tailor is your friend, probably should be your best friend and always on call. Because we come in all shapes and sizes it is hard for denim designers to get it right for everyone. The most common issue is length, but this is an easy fix. Before you bring your jeans to the tailor be sure to wash them (jeans generally come up about 1/4″ after the first wash). Bring your shoes and be sure to keep your jeans on the longer side, no one wants to be wearing floods! A lot of women get gaps in the waist band on the jeans. A belt is a quick fix, but a better option is having the tailor take in the waist. This is a simple fix that will not alter the look of your jeans and you will be so much happier with the fit.

Alison Barnard writes about fashion trends and is owner of Twilight Boutique at 12 Fleet St. and in-jean-ius at 441 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. She is also a board member of the North End Waterfront Health & Beauty Alliance (NEWHBA).

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