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Notable News Found Elsewhere: Muffling Motorcycle Noise, North End’s 8 Great Restaurants, Italian Traditions and More!

This notable news post is compiled from alternate news sources that pertain to various issues and stories in the North End / Waterfront, all for your one stop shop of news that will keep you in the loop. 

Will Boston get bikers to pipe down?

Boston Police Commissioner William Evans says that excessive noise is an important quality-of-life issue and he intends to do something about the city’s seasonal plague of loud motorcycle pipes. A 2009 city statute by City Councilor Sal LaMattina aimed to target unmuffled motorcycles that lack baffles and weak muffles, something that is a big problem in the North End during summer months. Read more at  The Boston Globe.

Tom Damigella Sr. with John Rosato, Photo courtesy of Bostoniano
Tom Damigella Sr. with John Rosato, Photo courtesy of Bostoniano

Phantom Gourmet: The North End’s Great 8

Boston’s North End is not only the oldest neighborhood in Boston but it is also one of the top Italian dining destinations in America. See what Phantom Gourmet ranked as the eight greatest places to eat in the North End, read and watch at CBS Boston.

Carnevale with the Vaudo Clan

Italian traditions that are still carried on today from those with North End roots has proven that Italian pre-Lenten meals and celebrations are not just a thing of the past. In fact, this tradition has been carried on through 5 generations of this family. Read the story at Bostoniano.

Rabia’s – Boston, Massachusetts

Don’t miss this blog review of the North End restaurant Rabia’s, a spacious dining room with a seafood and Italian menu. This lobster roll enthusiast boasts about the quality of the lobster roll, reporting that the lobster is picked and cooked in-house. Read in full at Lobster Gal.

Greater Boston Video: Marathon Victim Roseann Sdoia On Reclaiming Race

Watch this video of North End resident Roseann Sdoia, a victim of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. One year later, she went back to watch the race at the finish line, as tears began to run down her face, she has reclaimed the race and is working through her everyday challenges. WGBH Youtube

A shot from one of the time lapse video scene at Peta Pixel
A shot from one of the time-lapse video scenes at Peta Pixel

Phenomenal Time-Lapse Tribute to Boston Combines Tilt Shift, HDR, Motion and More

This collection of video time-lapse’s features different scenes throughout Boston. Showing the movement and the activity of the city, whether it is cars, trains, buses, boats, clouds, cyclists, or walking pedestrians, everyone contributes to the movements captured on this video. Watch the video at, Peta Pixel.

Leave a comment to share any additional North End  / Waterfront news that you may have found or feel free to tell us your thoughts!

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19 Replies to “Notable News Found Elsewhere: Muffling Motorcycle Noise, North End’s 8 Great Restaurants, Italian Traditions and More!

  1. I always suspected that the Phantom Gourmet played favorites in their reviews and after reading their list of the “8 greatest restaurants in the North End” all doubt has been removed!

  2. oh matt! your site has a ton of credibility, so don’t kill it with phantom gourmet reviews. i am not surprised strega made the list, as nick varano regularly paid for commercials (i quit watching years ago) during the television show. the show is one giant paid informerical.

  3. Here’s what I would like to see regarding the motorcycles. The two blocks of Hanover between Prince and Parmenter are where the bikes are. Why? Because those two blocks (on the side of Mike’s Pastry only) DO NOT become resident only after 6PM….why is that? I’d like someone familiar with the parking rules in the North End to explain to me why, on that side of the street, those two blocks differ from the blocks on Hanover do not become resident only parking…if they were resident only after 6, the bikes would not have a place to hang out and take up space while adding nothing…

  4. All should watch the Roseann Sdoia Reclaiming Race video. I am yet again astounded by her clarity and honesty when explaining what this absolutely unfathomable experience (for most of us) has been like! She took the race back on her own terms. I applaud her for that and look forward to future updates. Thanks Roseann!

  5. The North End is a Tourist Trap like Mulberry Street is to N.Y.C. There are far better restaurants out of the No. End.
    Toscano’s in Beacon Hill & now in Cambridge constantly consistent with Food & Service.
    Rino’s in East Boston great Ravioli’s & Pistachio Encrusted Pork Dish & more. Best time to go is between Lunch&Dinner
    and the best prices by far.
    DaVinci’s on Columbus Ave. Good Food.
    Umbria Great Chops & Steaks and good Pizza during the Day.
    Theatro on Tremont St.

    Oceanaire on Court Street great seafood & great pork chop, and consistent.

  6. You seem to have a better pulse on the dining scene in Boston than the Phantom Gourmet.I’m curious to know what your favorite restaurant in the N.E. is?

  7. My favorite restaurant in the No. End is Limoncello’s because I think it is the closest you can come to authentic
    ITALIAN FOOD. The Best Meatballs I ever had in a Restaurant. They have great Raviolis & they have Stuffed Peppers &
    Stuffed Artichokes which most Italian Restaurants do NOT offer. They also have a good Filet Mignon if you desire a

    Taranta has the Best Pork Chop in the “City”.

    Modern is by far the best when it comes to Pastry, the only thing Mike’s has over them is Pistachio Macaroon Cookies,
    Lobster Tail & Custard Pie.

    The difference between the Phantom Gourmet and Myself, I don’t get paid for advertising. I just like good food, and
    we all have to remember everyone has different taste. I have been in No.End Restaurants that people rave about the food and
    I think they are out of their minds. Different Strokes for Different Folks.
    It is very hard for Restaurants to be consistent & I must say, Toscano’s mastered this not only in “1” RESTAURANT but “2”.
    I also have to ad the most important thing of all, Toscano’s doesn’t have to rely on Tourist, 70% of their business are
    the locals. I think that speaks for itself.

  8. Rino’s is in East Boston and Umbria is associated with Panino, Mare, Quartro & Bricco.

    To my knowledge Rino’s has no connection to the No.End at all.

    1. The owner of Rino’s (Tony) has his roots/family in the North End…his father had the building in E.Boston that houses the restaurant.

  9. Yes, I have. I also ate in Cappriccio’s in R.I. and another restaurant near the water, it was a man’s name. I love the
    area, but I can’t tell you, wow, I can’t wait to go back and eat there.

    I like N.Y.C Italian Restaurants better, and I don’t mean Mulberry St. The restaurant business is one of the hardest
    businesses to be in. You are married to it, and no matter how much money you make, you have to be on top of
    your game, because you can be robbed blind.

    I think the Pastry Business is bigger than ever, and it seems like people just can’t get enough of it.

    Caffe Vittoria has the best Tira Misui (spelling), it comes from New York. There isn’t one Pastry store than can best
    this. It is very light & very fattening.

    1. The NYC restaurants would not survive without tourists…are they tourist traps as well? I don’t think NYC restaurants could all survive w/ only Manhattan residents dining there.

      1. of course they could not. you think locals are eating at olive garden, red lobster, and bubba gump in times square? without tourists, half the north end restaurant would shut down, and trust me, this would be be good for the neighborhood. i would much rather have a charles street in beacon hill or a tremont street in the south end than the current hanvover street in the north end. i think most north end residents would agree.

      2. John: Most large cities count on tourists to flood the restaurants. However, having lived in Manhattan, on the West Side for 6 years, I noticed that there are locals who are regulars at the big time places.

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