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On Fashion: Sporty Chic

The city is all abuzz about the successful running of the Boston Marathon on Monday. In fashion sporty chic is winning the race as a top trend right now. Performance-inspired fabrics and silhouettes in bold, saturated colors like vibrant orange and patriotic red, shocking blues and high contrast black & white can be seen from the runway to the streets. Luxe, sporty-chic styles have been slowly gaining momentum is seasons past, and now they’re racing for first place in current top trends. Varsity jackets, baseball tees, racer tanks, track pants, mesh and sneakers are being shown in performance fabrics, satins and quilted cottons. This run sportswear-inspired vibe makes us want to play ball.

While it may bring back memories of penny jerseys from elementary school gym class, mesh styles are huge right now! The trick with the trend is to give off a sporty vibe without looking like you’re really out for a jog. Try teaming sporty separates with pieces made from lightweight fabrics, like silk, and wear them with super feminine heels. Play with proportions for a more girly feel; pair a mesh tunic with a mini skirt or skinny jeans. Get in the game and give this trend a try!

Alison Barnard writes about fashion trends and is owner of Twilight Boutique at 12 Fleet St. and in-jean-ius at 441 Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. She is also a board member of the North End Waterfront Health & Beauty Alliance (NEWHBA).