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Crane Truck Tips on Commercial Street into Baseball Field [Photos]

Around 11:30 a.m. on Friday, a crane truck tipped over onto Commercial Street in Boston’s North End with the boom smashing a truck and into the Puopolo Park baseball field. The driver and a passerby were taken to the hospital for evaluation, although it does not appear there were serious injuries.

Fuel spilled over the street, but did not reach the sewers according to a worker on the scene. Hazmat teams were on scene for the cleanup which is expected to last into the nighttime hours.

Traffic was diverted to Hanover Street causing chaos and bumper to bumper traffic all day throughout the North End. (Update: The street was re-opened about 8:30 pm on Friday night.)

It is not clear what caused the tip over as the crane was working on a rooftop project at 500 Commercial Street. Photos show the truck stabilizers literally snapped as the truck tipped toward the ball fields.

Ironically, the smashed pickup truck belonged to the owner of the crane company.

Photos by Matt Conti.

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