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Three Arrested for Assaulting Police, Urinating, Throwing Beer and Lit Cigarettes From 4th Floor Fire Escape on Hanover Street

Boston Police are reporting on three arrests from a Hanover Street loud party disturbance Friday night where a suspects were seen urinating, throwing beer and lit cigarettes from a 4th floor fire escape at 226 Hanover Street. The police report is shown below.

At about 12:48am, on Saturday, November 9, 2013, officers from District A-1 (Downtown) responded to a call for party at 226 Hanover Street, in the North End. Officers also received information that males were urinating and throwing beer off the fourth floor fire escape.

On arrival, officers observed three unknown males screaming and yelling from the fourth floor fire escape. All appeared to be drinking. Officers approached the outside fire escape and announced their presence to the three males. One of the men shouted at officers, “(Expletive) you (expletive )!”

One suspect threw a lit cigarettes at the officers who were standing underneath the fire escape. At the same time a crowd of approximately 25 people began to gather outside the location.

Officers knocked on the door of the apartment and announced their presence, one of the suspects opened the door. The same suspect stated to officers, “Who the (expletive) are you guys?” and refused to allow officers inside the apartment and assaulted one of the officers. A second suspect also became combative with officers, both were handcuffed along with a third suspect. All three suspects were observed to be the same makes who were on fire escape .

While inside the apartment, officers observed a large amount of liquor bottles and empty beer cans.

Officers spoke with witnesses, who reported the group of males were urinating off of the fire escape.

Police arrested Andrew Leighton, 20, of Lowell, Kevin Widnizski, 20, of Reading and Rakan Alzaydi, 23, of Quincy for Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct. Leighton was also charged with Assault and Battery on a Police Officer.

They will be arraigned in Boston Municipal Court on Tuesday, November 12, 2013.


This Facebook photo with two of the suspects was taken earlier that evening (via Universal Hub).

All suspects are considered innocent until and unless proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

24 Replies to “Three Arrested for Assaulting Police, Urinating, Throwing Beer and Lit Cigarettes From 4th Floor Fire Escape on Hanover Street

    1. This is not the heart of the North End- possibly the safest and best neighborhoods in the city. A few idiots spoil it, but the NE, on the whole is a treasure! Been here for a looong time , and I would NEVER judge it in a negative way.

  1. Back in the day we didn’t need the cops to shut them down,,,those clowns didn’t even live there,,the tennNt would be suddenly looking for another place to love

    1. For once I agree. Landlords should not tolerate this kind of behavior and are well within their rights to evict.

  2. scoon.. if original north enders ..( and I can hear the sigh here we ago with original northenders) ever acted that way not only would we have caught such a beating from the neighborhood ..your parents would of gave you one after.. we were brought up with respect to each other, the neighborhood elderly..after 11 the noise level was gone out of respect.. and if we lived on a street were some one was very sick we were not loud out of respect..im sure these kids parents brought them up with respect and were they live they are respectful.. the north end is not a drunken fools amusement park.. I wish that out of towners who visit would just respect all north enders..

    1. Jo, I understand exactly what your saying but change is tougher for some people to accept than others. Was the NE you, Mario, myself &others speak of perfect? far from it but I would take that NE over the current NE in a heartbeat unfortunately that isn’t going to happen & Floppy or some other guys aren’t going to come & round us up to go & straighten out punks like this because Floppy is gone ,most of us are gone & the NE we once knew is gone forever.


  3. anonymous, are you out there? I told you yesterday the North End being a safe neighborhood to live in in & walk around in is a bunch of BS. this is becoming a party town & as I said yesterday some of the visitors have no respect for anything or anybody.. At least this time the names of the guilty were published but its too bad they didn’t give the name of the tenant who rents or owns the apt.There are also drug dealers living & operating out of the NE. I WAS BORN & RAISED HERE AND I KNOW WHAT i.M TALKING ABOUT.

    1. I agree with MichaelD
      I am born and raised here as well

      I refer to the North End as the east coast Vegas

      It’s become a joke

  4. Hahahaaaaa……..Proud parents, proud landlords & PROUD real estate agents……..what a bunch of proud LOSERS.

  5. A few days ago some people commented on a post blaming “north end kids” for smashing pumpkins. At least they are not peeing on cops.

  6. I remember years ago their was a fire on Salem Street the fire dept. couldn’t get by because their was a college kid moving into one of the buildings and he left his car parked half on the sidewalk and half on the street. Some of the N.E. boys were standing on the conner and asked the firemen if they could do anything about the car. They said no but you can. Next thing you know the car was on its side and all the windows were smashed in. When the owner and his parents saw the car they asked the boys did anyone see who did this they all shook their heads and said no. The college boy moved out the next day and thank God no one was hurt in the fire.

    1. true NE er, l will share a story with you I am sure you remember the European rest on Hanover st.. The European was popular to locals, visitors & tourists alike. There was always a line going out into the street but a guy named Chuck was the host & if you lived in the NE he always seated you first no matter how long the line was. As you entered the Rest. there was a bar on the right and two rows of booths leading into a huge dining room.Quite a few NE people worked as waiters, waitresses, busboys & in the kitchen .One young waitress whose name I wont mention came down to Bova’s corner terrified & crying telling us that a large group of drunk young men were in the dining room throwing food at families & other diners swearing & making threats to the waitresses & refusing to pay the bill. The word quickly spread & lets just say that we “greeted “these punks as they left the rest & went to their cars under the old central artery parking area.

      1. I do remember the European and I do remember Chuck he was way to suave to be working there. Some
        of my friends were waitresses. One of them worked for the Pizza Regina. The owner had twin daughters, their last name was Angel not sure of the spelling and they lived out of town. Nice people.

  7. You guys have pretty cool stories from the past
    But let’s face facts now- times unfortunately are different.

    If I did what my heart wanted and whacked a kid who was pissing in my grandfathers alley – one or two things would happen.
    He would retaliate when I or someone else was not around or call the cops and guess who gets arrested.
    Unfortunately i can’t just police the streets and my property like we could before.
    So now I have to just chase people off and get the hose out.

  8. Respectfully…

    Before we clean up the streets, let’s clean up this thread and block all comments that suggest or threaten vigilante violence as a solution, particularly from those who post anonymously.

    1. Sean is correct. I’ve been a little lax on moderating this post even though I’ve blocked more than half the comments submitted. I left some of the “stories” but deleted or edited several that advocated violence. If you are posting a negative comment anonymously (which means anything other than your first AND last name), chances are it won’t get posted. Commenting rules of the road here: http://northendwaterfront.com/commentspolicy
      Thank you for your cooperation.

        1. Ricky have you ever been to any of the meetings. If you haven’t why don’t you come and give some of your ideas on how to deal with these people. Maybe you can solve some of our problems. That would be nice. The trouble with most people they have a lot to say but not at the right place where it might count. I’m no trying to be sarcastic but its so true about people not speaking up where it really counts.
          We need all the help we can get. Oh these nostalgic embellishments of “toughness” did serve the purpose years ago, we had a happy N.E.. Its to bad things don’t change for the better.

          1. true NE er – yes, I’ve been to a number of meetings, I come when I can. Unfortunately I’ve never been to one where this topic has come up. I agree 100%, that many people have a lot to say on forums such as this but where it really matters is at face to face meetings with the neighborhood groups. As a long time owner in the neighborhood I take a lot of pride in where I live and am trying to raise a family here. The lack of respect for the neighborhood and the residents by these kinds of drunk punks is infuriating.

            Although I’m not from NE I grew up in a very similar setting, and I can relate to the old world way of handling things. I lived it the same way you and Micheald did. The reality of course is that the old world justice is a thing of the past and it will not solve our problems over the long term. I wince when I hear/read that kind of vigilante talk even though I’m guilty of that same kind of behavior of the years past.

            We may not all agree but I think the common denominator that inspires people to comment on Matt’s page is simply the passion for where we live, the sense of ownership we feel for where we live (not just our building/apt/condo, but the North End as a whole) and the desire for an overall better environment. I mean, if someone vandalized your building I’d be just as upset as if it were mine.

    2. Sean; the reason that some people are reacting to this latest disgraceful act Is because their angry & they have been around.They know that the courts in Ma are a joke.[read the Jarod Remy case] They know that mommy & daddy will hire a couple of slick lawyers who will blame the cops &get the charges reduced. These punks will pay a fine & court costs walk out & do the same thing or worse down the road.

      1. Thanks Matt, you do a wonderful job administering the site. I know we all greatly value this neighborhood forum.


        I appreciate the strong passion we all seem to have toward keeping our neighbor clean, safe and enjoyable. From the police report I’d agree that it is easy to label these 3 young lads as immature, disrespectful, delinquents however we must remember “innocent until proven guilty”. No matter what punishment may eventually be doled out, at the very least, this experience will force them to look at themselves and the decisions they make while intoxicated. I find that it is much easier to respect, when respect is given, so I would like to caution against stereotyping all the college/youth population that inhabits the North End. If we truly live in a moral and ethically astute community we must be neighborly to all (young, old, quiet, loud and the urinating) or we are no better than the individuals who choose to disregard those they live amongst.


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