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New District A-1 Police Captain Jim Hasson Talks With Residents About Loud Parties at North End Public Safety Meeting [Video]


Captain James “Jim” Hasson talked with residents this week at the November North End Public Safety Meeting along with Sgt. Thomas Lema from Boston Police District A-1. Captain Hasson previously worked in the North End about nine years ago before being promoted to captain in Roxbury and then West Roxbury. Going way back, Hasson was once a lifeguard at the North End Mirabella Pool.

The number of serious crimes are down significantly in the North End. In October, only five “Part I” crimes were reported versus 25 last year. Quality of life complaints remain high with 22 loud party calls in the last 30 days.

Video Summary and Timeline

00:00 Introducing Captain Jim Hasson

03:00 Loud parties and college student disturbances

14:20 Crime Statistics Review Over Last 30 Days

  • No homocides or sexual assaults.
  • Robbery – On October 4th, 9:40 pm, a 59 year old male was struck from behind on Battery Street and suspects attempted to take his cell phone.
  • Aggravated Assaults- Domestic violence on Salem Street. An arrest was made
  • Breaking & Entering
    • A young woman left her apartment on Hull Street for about an hour around 7-8pm. Upon return, she found a pair of men’s shoes, socks and underwear in her apartment. No items were taken.
    • On Hanover St., a 32 year old woman was on vacation and found one of two jewelry boxes stolen.
    • Attempted breaking & entering on 99 Endicott Street. A female resident reported that a young male from Quincy College tried to break in with a credit card. She confronted and pushed him out reporting that he was very intoxicated.
  • Larcenies
    • A barber shop on Commecial St. said a 30 year old black male came in asking for money. He took a nearby jacket with car keys and had a confrontation with the car owner. Police made an arrest.
    • $400 taken from a lock box at 101 Atlantic Avenue.

28:30 Loud Party Calls

Of the 22 reports in the last 30 days, there was one repeat address at 40 Sheafe Street and police have contacted a group of young professionals in the penthouse. Another problem address noted was 136-138 Prince Street (rear N. Margin St.) where a landlord was contacted. Other locations included 32 Fleet St., 27 Charter St., 330 North St., 421 Hanover St., 6 Prince St., 2 Snelling Pl., 35 Charter St., 74 Salem St., 41 Charter St., Prince & Salem Sts., 14 Foster St., 408 Hanover St., 416 Hanover St., 161 Endicott St., 460 Commercial St.

31:00 Mass fight and brawl after Red Sox victory parade outside Coogan’s Bluff in the Faneuil Hall area. See video below.

**Warning, this video contains graphic violence.**


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  1. That fight was one of the most unsettling things I have watched especially so close to home. What on earth possess these kids to be so violent.

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