1-800-Flowers Closing on Hanover Street in North End

1-800 Flowers on Hanover Street is Closing (NEWF Photo)

We started getting reports on Friday that 1-800-Flowers was closing on Hanover Street in Boston’s North End. Stopping in over the weekend, there was little inventory left in the store as it was being cleared out.

A man working in the store confirmed it was closing and said the franchise had been ‘mis-managed for months.’ He did not know what would replace the flower shop located at the corner of Fleet Street on the Freedom Trail. Some might remember Circle Pizza that once operated in the space.

The store was featured in a 2010 TV series of Undercover Boss where it was identified as the highest grossing franchise shop for the company.

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9 Replies to “1-800-Flowers Closing on Hanover Street in North End

  1. Very disappointing! My family has Dee to thank for many beautiful arrangements. I will miss her and this shop.

    1. Dee is selling flowers out of Volle Nolle for the time being. They have agreed to share some space w/ her during the day. Stop in and say “Hello”.

  2. I hope that they reinstate it or put another flower shop. I am very disappointed because I was in there weekly and Dee was always so pleasant. And we didn’t’ have a chance to say goodbye.

      1. Giacomo’s is a family owned business in a family owned building. Unless they got to buy the building next door, I doubt they would expand to a rental space. Maybe a White Hen type market can do well there? Something with more options than what 7-11 did to our poor corner! 🙁

  3. I especially lament the loss of any business that is non-restaurant in the North End because it just opens the space up for the possibility of yet another eatery. It seems a shame that, with fewer and fewer exceptions, this is the only type of business that is able to succeed in this part of the city.

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