1-800-Flowers North End retail floral shop was featured on the season finale of CBS’s “Undercover Boss.”  The North End location is the highest grossing franchise shop for the company. Here is a video clip from the North End filming featuring Store Manager, Dee Prior, General Manager Stephen Digrigoli and President/COO Chris McCann.

On Tuesday, July 6th, the store had special Undercover Boss retail store event to meet the 1-800-Flowers Undercover Boss “stars” at the Hanover Street store.

Chris McCann, 1-800-Flowers.com President/COO (center) talks to the crowd about the show.


Below is the video from the show when President Chris McCann was undercover, including the North End Hanover Street store:

“I had a very good day today in the North End store with Dee, the store manager. She has been in the business 25 years. What a personality! She is just unbelievable with customers. Customers come into the store and she has a relationship with every one of them. She is everything you want as a florist in your neighborhood shop. People come by to say hello to her. This is the ultimate neighborhood feel. It’s in downtown Boston, Little Italy. She knows her customers; she knows their kids and the kids bring presents to her. Her interaction with her customers is great. She runs a great shop. The challenge here is that this is a one-person shop. I think we are learning, especially with franchise shops, that we have to be very flexible and learn to adapt to the local neighborhood, be that on product mix, etc. They expect to come in and see different things created. We have to find that balance between our exclusive products and allowing the florist to be the local neighborhood shop.”

“I was amazed in the afternoon by a customer who is a local delivery guy in the area and he walked into the store to order something for his 10th anniversary. Dee said he comes in every week to buy some flowers. He pulled up our application on his mobile phone and had an image of the product he wanted. It was our Lotsa Love™ arrangement with a teddy bear. She didn’t have that made up (I wouldn’t expect her to have that made up) and she also didn’t have time to make one up, so she quickly made a bouquet and packaged a teddy bear with it. This is something we have to understand as the shops have to have lots of flexibility. The main thing we have to do is focus on the shops having personality – they have to have that.”

“Dee is just absolutely fantastic with the customers. She helped me to remember how amazing and creative florists really are!”

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  1. A lot of us were skeptical when a "chain" opened there, but the owners/managers have done a nice job of acting like a neighborhood store. I still think they should change their name.

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