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Trash Piling Up as Move In/Out Week Arrives

Move in/out week is in full swing and it’s not even September 1st yet. Here was this morning’s scene at the corner of Salutation and Hanover Streets, as sent in by Sheila Di Prizio who comments:

This is what I walked out to this morning!! This trash problem has been going on for YEARS!!! I called City Hall & I spoke w/Code Enforcement. Code Enforcement is ‘aware’ of the problem. But what is being done about it???? Ambulances…Fire Trucks…Cars…cannot drive down this street. Pedestrians have to walk around the garbage that the rodents have left and there are shards of glass everywhere from broken bottles. Something has to be done!!

This latest incident comes soon after this recent post: Salutation Street or Pig Alley.

7 Replies to “Trash Piling Up as Move In/Out Week Arrives

  1. My fiancé and I also called to report about the trash problem this morning. In front our apartment (near intersection of Prince and Salem St) there is an entire bag of trash in the middle of the road that has been run over, multiple open cardboard boxes of trash, huge loads of clothing just left on the sidewalk (not in bags) and a bottle of shampoo emptied all over the sidewalk. We pay a lot to live here and we love our neighborhood…but how do we fix this? Lately people have even been putting trash out on Friday night when the next pick up isn’t until Monday morning. You better believe I’d say something if I ever caught the culprit in the act! I feel like no matter how much we complain nothing gets done. And shame on all the residents who disrespect their neighbors and their beautiful neighborhood!

  2. We need to start talking with our votes — you want to be the next mayor? well what are you going to do to keep cleaner streets in the North End? You want to be our state rep? What are you going to do to increase police presence?

    Like most of you, I have had enough. It’s not just the college kids, it’s not just the restaurants. It’s a systemic failure. We need real people who go and pick up the streets. How about if you get a noise complaint, you have to go pick up trash for an hour around your neighborhood? Let’s turn ticketing into community service, not just fines.

    e-mailing Nicole Leo at city hall is a start, and as nice and professional as she is, she cannot turn things around the way our elected officials need to. Here is her e-mail address in case you want to make your complaints known:

    1. SSG, I agree…this is not just a certain group of people. I see everything from casual littering to downright trash dumping from every group that comes through or lives in the North End.

      1. This upcoming Labor Day weekend is one of the busiest move-out and move-in weekends everywhere. Boston is a college town and the Mayor’s office should have street cleaners in place. Let’s get our friends, family and neighbors to call Boston City Hall now to bring their attention to this matter. Before we know know it, Tuesday morning will be here and our streets will look like a war zone.

        What we need here is teamwork. Call the Mayor’s Hotline today to voice your concerns – (617) 635-4500.

        Also call or email Nicole Leo – our North End Liaison –

        Another person to call is Councilman Sal LaMattina – (617) 635-3200

        The residents of Beacon Hill never have to deal with this unsightly trash – maybe we can call the Governor Patrick’s office and voice our concerns at a higher level – (617) 725-4005. You may be told to contact the City of Boston so just tell them you want to get your message to the Governor.

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