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Sun Safety Tips from NEW Health

Sun Safetyby North End Waterfront Health’s Health Educator Mary Wright, RN

It’s summer and time to be out enjoying the warm weather. Here are some things to remember to keep you and your children safe in the sun:

  • Use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen.
  • Everyone, even those with darkly pigmented skin, need to use sunscreen.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally. Use at least 1 ounce or a palm full on children.
  • Check the expiration date.
  • Apply sunscreen 30 minutes before sun exposure.
  • Reapply after swimming or toweling off.
  • Use sunscreen even on cloudy days; you can burn on cloudy days.
  • Wear a hat.
  • Wear sunglasses.
  • Stay out of the sun during the hottest part of the day (10 a.m.-2 p.m.).
  • No vigorous exercise between 10 am and 2 pm.
  • Drink lots of water.