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Wharf District Parks on the Greenway Discussed at Workshop Meeting [Video]

The Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy and Wharf District Council hosted a public meeting and workshop to discuss seasonal plans for the Wharf District Parks and to obtain community input on park use and interests. A similar North End Parks workshop was held in April 2013.

Approximately 20 people attended this first joint public meeting of the Wharf District Council and the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy. Representing the Wharf District Council were Justin Wyner, President, and Susanne Lavoie, Executive Director of the WDC and Greenway Conservancy Board Member.

The embedded video shows the presentation portion of the meeting and the rundown after the breakout sessions.

(00:00 in video) Welcome & Overview by Jesse Brackenbury, Chief Operating Officer and Acting Executive Director of the Greenway Conservancy

Greenway Conservancy executives introduced the various topics of discussion with status updates on the current situation.

(03:00) A. Maintenance – Bob Stigbert, Superintendent of Maintenance and Security

(09:45) B. Horticulture – Stu Shillaber, Superintendent of Horticulture

(21:30) C. Programs – Charlie McCabe, Director of Programs

(27:30) D. Park Uses – Linda Jonash, Director of Planning & Design

(35:30) E. Fundraising – Jodi Wolin, Director of Development

Breakout Session Recaps

(41:20) A. Maintenance (including fountains)
(48:00) B. Horticulture
(56:30) C. Programs
(1:00:40) D. Park Uses