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Zoning Requests On Hold: 78-80 Salem St., 7 Baldwin Pl. and 92-96 Salem St. / 3 Wiget St.

Catching up on “in progress” zoning change applications in the neighborhood, there are three that have recently been deferred or remain on hold, according to a December 2012 report by the NEWRA Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee.

3 Wiget Street is the one-story structure on the right, proposed to be built up to 4 or 5 stories.

92-96 Salem Street, Nicholas D’Amore has withdrawn an appeal for zoning relief to replace the 1-story building at 3 Wiget St. with a new 5-story building extension on the back of 92-96 Salem St. The plan was to change the legal occupancy to increase the number of apartments from 6 to 11 plus the existing 2 stores occupied by “The Wild Duck.” The building on Salem St. would also have been 1-story higher bringing it to 5 floors.  At the November 2012 NEWRA meeting, Mei Fung, architect, said the applicant will re-apply after talking to neighbors about concerns that have arisen regarding the project (blocked sight lines and existing trash and noise issues). He mentioned that the height could be lowered to 4 floors, matching that of abutting properties. A new zoning variance request is possible pending plan changes.

78-80 Salem Street, occupied by “Trattoria Pulcinella, Mozzarella Bar E Ristorante”

78-80 Salem Street, Chris Young, has withdrawn an application looking to add a 2nd floor to the existing one-story restaurant property, “Trattoria Pulcinella, Mozzarella Bar E Ristorante.”  In November 2012, NEWNC, the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, voted 4-5 to oppose the zoning relief in response to community concerns. NEWRA’s ZLC Committee has also questioned the impacts of a second-floor restaurant in an area where the City’s Zoning Code forbids restaurant use above the first floor. A January 8, 2013 Board of Appeal hearing is expected to be deferred. A new zoning variance request is possible pending plan changes.

7 Baldwin Place, Anthony Bova – A zoning application is outstanding regarding a request to add a one-story addition to the building, up to 55 feet. NEWRA’s previous support was conditioned on the property owner alleviating the concerns of an abutter on Noyes Place. To date, this has not occurred and NEWRA sent a letter rescinding its support. The Board of Appeal hearing was deferred to January 22, 2013 pending resolution of concerns raised by an abutter on Noyes Place. As of mid-December, an agreement had not been reached.

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