A recap of 2012 real estate sales price per square foot is shown in the following tables for North End / Waterfront properties.

Waterfront Buildings


Avg. Sale $/Sq.Ft. (past 12 months)

Battery Wharf 915
Burroughs Wharf 1,286
Commercial Wharf 783
Harbor Towers 584
Lewis Wharf 732
Lincoln Wharf 488
Prince Building 655
Rowes Wharf 999
The Mariner 897
Union Wharf 804

Waterfront average $/Sq.Ft. : $693/Sq.Ft.

North End Buildings


Avg. Sale $/Sq.Ft. (past 12 months)
44 Prince 742
61 Prince 580
100 Fulton 602
130 Fulton 449
350 North 589
115 Salem 562

North End average $/Sq.Ft.: $615/Sq.Ft.

Compilation courtesy of CL Waterfront Properties: www.wpboston.com.

Ed. Note: Data includes sales from multiple real estate offices. See the NorthEndWaterfront.com Real Estate Offices page, also available under the “Living Here” menu.


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  1. My ancestors would be in shock. Utter shock. The square foot prices of today? Utter shock, on Salem Street? YIKES.

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