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Who Shovels No Man’s Land?

A longtime NEWF reader asks about snow shoveling responsibilities in areas that are not in front of specific properties, nor in public parks or plazas. A perect example in the North End / Waterfront is the stretch on Atlantic Ave. between Lewis Wharf and the Sail Loft / Commercial Wharf.

This had been nagging me, literally, for years. This sidewalk is a no man’s land. It is never shoveled, ever. How can I find out who is responsible for clearing the sidewalk at this location?

Unshoveled Snow in No Man’s Land on Atlantic Ave. – January 2013 (Submitted Photo)

4 Replies to “Who Shovels No Man’s Land?

      1. I agree. This area hasn’t been shoveled for years, and it’s extremely dangerous when it turns to ice as it often does.

  1. Half is responsibility of One Lewis Wharf — the Cargill law firm. (I checked their deed). The balance by Commercial Wharf Condo and NOT the Sail Loft piece which is carved out from the Condo.

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