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NEWF Wednesday 1/30/13: The Old Waterfront

Neighborhood View of the Day:

A NEWF fan shares this photo of the “old” waterfront taken from Old North Church with the Lincoln Wharf power stack, North End rooftops, a pre-residential Union Wharf and the former top of St. Stephens. I’m not sure if the BullFinch building is there or if that’s the Mariner on the right. (Leave a comment if you know.) Also, check out the size of the ships in the harbor.

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What’s Happening In The North End / Waterfront:

It’s movie night at the North End Library, 6pm, 25 Parmenter St. with the showing of Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

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What’s new on the blog:

One new revision: Harbor Towers 2012 real estate sales by address has been added to this post.

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Notable News Found Elsewhere:

The Herald takes a ride on the Greenway Carousel plan: Boondoggle fears over $3M merry-go-round

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One Reply to “NEWF Wednesday 1/30/13: The Old Waterfront

  1. The photo of the harbor was taken from the steeple of the Old North Church and I would guess the date is sometime in the early fifties.
    The mariner was then the Quincy Market Cold Storage building and was still in operation. Union Wharf looks intact so I think the picture was taken before the fire which destroyed a lot of it. It was still being used but only for storage. Nice picture.

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