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Neighborhood Photo – Towering Above a Neighborhood

Here is a classic perspective view of the North End / Waterfront as seen from Boston Harbor. Start from the bottom of the photo as the seawall rises to meet the Mirabella Pool and Langone Park ball fields. Moving inland, the row of brick Commercial Street buildings forms a wall in front of the Old North Church spire which appears to tower over the North End buildings, only to be dwarfed by the “giants” of the downtown Boston skyscrapers in the background.

"Towering Above a Neighborhood" by Matt Conti

“Neighborhood Photo” is a periodic feature on where we present a photo from our fabled North End and Waterfront community. To have your photo featured, email it to Each of the photos will also be permanently displayed in the gallery, “Neighborhood Photos” accessible from the Galleries menu on

2 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo – Towering Above a Neighborhood

  1. the first thought after viewing this photo is LILLYPUT.
    if i took a photo of the view from my prince street window in the north end you would see a two story house on top of a five story building, which blocks much needed sunlight. i would title this photo GREED.

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