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Dramatic Part 1 “Kitchen Nightmares” Episode Features North End’s La Galleria 33 Restaurant

Rita (left) & Lisa Dipietrantonio of La Galleria 33 with father, Nicky at Kitchen Nightmares taping (Photo by M. Conti)

Did you watch Part 1 of the North End’s La Galleria 33 featured on the Kitchen Nightmares reality TV show? Wow! We had previously checked in during the May 2012 filming at 125 Salem Street, but had no idea the heavy drama that was going on inside!

Fox TV has a recap from the episode the premiered on October 26, 2012, excerpted below:

Chef Gordon Ramsay goes to Boston’s North End to pay a visit to La Galleria 33, opened in 2006 by sisters Rita and Lisa. The two siblings grew up in the Italian neighborhood and worked at their father’s very successful restaurant, L’Osteria, which was established in 1985. They branched out and opened their own establishment only 100 feet away, hoping to feed off their father’s success.

But the customers never came. The sisters blame everything from the weather to the tablecloths to the font on the menu. They don’t know how to fix their problems because they don’t know how to identify them.

The employees, however, know exactly what is wrong – Lisa and Rita. They say the sisters treat people badly and talk unprofessionally. Plus Lisa drinks on the job and Rita smokes in the restaurant. They have slipped into complacency about the failing business, but their parents stand to lose everything if La Galleria fails.

When Chef Ramsay arrives, he’s confused by the restaurant’s name, dated décor and proximity to their parents’ eatery. He also discovers there is an issue with smoking and drinking on the job. Lisa and Rita in turn complain to him about the poor service and the lazy employees. As the icing on the cake, Rita admits that the head chef is her ex-husband, which causes a lot of tension.

Read the full recap and watch the episode here.

Will Gordon Ramsay be able to fix the troubled restaurant in the next 60 minutes episode?

Update: See Rita’s Halloween costume as the “dropped chicken” and then read the Part 2 recap at She Knows.

2 Replies to “Dramatic Part 1 “Kitchen Nightmares” Episode Features North End’s La Galleria 33 Restaurant

  1. I am lucky my Hopper automatically records all the prime time shows on Fox because I had no idea the season started already. It sounds like were in the usual Kitchen Nightmare territory though. Before working for DISH my last four years were spent running a restaurant with my brother, so it will be interesting seeing what other sibling look like at the task and after reading the summary it does not look pretty at all. I can’t wait until I get off of work to hear Ramsay weigh in on this disaster.

  2. Not a coincidence that this show and “hopper” are mentioned in the same sentence. Appropriate.

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