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Checking In: “Kitchen Nightmares” TV Show Filming at La Galleria 33 on Salem Street

We checked in with Rita, Lisa and Nicky DiPietrantonio at La Galleria 33 to see how the production was coming along for an upcoming episode with Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay and his show “Kitchen Nightmares.” For those who have seen the show, the first scene is usually the “nightmare” where diners are encouraged to be extremely critical of the food and service. Rita said the diners enjoyed the food but they are helping them make it better. The production has to make a story, so there will likely be some drama added so that Chef Ramsey can “fix it,” all in the name of good publicity to bring new customers to the restaurant located at 125 Salem Street in Boston’s North End. In addition to La Galleria 33, the DiPietrantonio’s parents own L’Osteria also on Salem Street. Find out more at

Rita, Nicky & Lisa DiPietrantonio – La Galleria 33


La Galleria 33 is at 125 Salem Street


“Kitchen Nightmares” TV Show is using trailers and vacant space next door for the production.

Update: The episode has aired in 2 parts. Here is the Part 1 recap. See Rita’s Halloween costume as the “dropped chicken” and then read the Part 2 recap at She Knows.

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  1. Hi Rita and Lisa~~~I watched Kitchen Nightmares~~~You girls were Hysterical~~~~Such Good Sports !!! I commented after the show~~~Now I am happy to tell you that, Thursday, November 15th myself and some friends are coming in for Dinner at 5:30 pm !! We are members of a club that we call~~”The Red Bloomers Club”~~~~Yes, we always wear red bloomers !!!! You know~~being Italian, and coming from the North End~~~We feel that we HAVE to wear them because of the EVIL EYE !!!!!! So, if anyone wishes us harm~~the color RED will Ward Off the Bad Vibes !!!! You know how hard it is to be envied by everyone !!!! We have a reservation under my name~~for 9 Quiet Young Ladies !!! (Yeah ~~ I know) Well we hope to meet you both there that evening~~~I know we will enjoy ourselves~~~WE ALWAYS DO !!!!

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