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Four Zoning & Licensing Requests Gain Favorable Votes at Neighborhood Council Meeting [Video]

In addition to Greenway park issues, the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, voted on four zoning and licensing request brought by neighborhood residents and business owners. The video shows the presentation, discussion and votes. All four votes were unanimous in favor of the applicant, as noted below.

00:00 in video
64 Cross Street (formerly Cafe Graffiti), Lee Napoli
is seeking zoning relief for take-out use associated with plans to operate a bakery/café, named “Bread & Butter” at 64 Cross Street. Occupancy is planned for 25 seats. Outdoor seating is also contemplated, consistent with Café Graffiti’s use. NEWNC Vote: 7-0

12:15 in video
93 Endicott Street, Jose Faria: is seeking zoning relief to construct a private roof deck for unit #1. NEWNC Vote: 7-0

23:20 in video
372 Commercial Street, Daniel O’Connor: is seeking approval from the City of Boston Licensing Board to transfer the existing Beer and Wine retail license (operated at above address as “Bottles”) from current owner Maria DelloRusso. NEWNC Vote: 7-0

32:30 in video
50 Snow Hill Street, David Thyresson: is seeking zoning relief to alter existing head house. NEWNC Vote: 6-0

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