Neighborhood Council Talks All Things Greenway [Video]

Video: North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council October 9, 2012 Meeting

00:00 Welcome and Roll Coll – NEWNC President Stephen Passacantilli

03:41 Greenway Committee Report – Bill Lane

04:40 Rose F. Kennedy Greenway Conservancy Executive Director, Nancy Brennan
Serving on the Greenway Conservancy Board of Directors

13:40 Eliot School Fundraiser at Vinoteca di Monica’s – 11/13/12, 6pm
Contact Jorge at, $200/ticket including dinner

16:00 Friends of the North End Parks, FOTNEP, presents horticulture plan for Greenway parks
Nate Swain, FOTNEP President
Diane Valle, FOTNEP Horticulture

26:30 Discussion of FOTNEP Plan

Video for the zoning applications presented at this NEWNC meeting posted separately.


4 Replies to “Neighborhood Council Talks All Things Greenway [Video]

  1. I am sorry I missed this presentation on the Alternatives to the Greenaway.

    Can I ask if costs and budgetary constraints were discussed in relation to this movement that thinks the Greenway is too, err, green?

    I attended way too many park planning meetings during the Big Dig construction to now turn a blind eye to the requests and concerns of the NE residents who also attended these meetings. They were designed to be the “front porch” of our neighborhood, not florist shop. To be honest, as a regular user of the North End parks on parcels 8 & 10, I find them quite enjoyable in their current state.

    Also, in light of the precarious budgetary issues surrounding the Greenway I would urge caution on attempts to make the plantings too costly that would require too much maintenance. We are at a point when we are unsure about funding commitments to operate the park system.



  2. Jason,

    The FOTNEP plan recommended is based on the success of the Christopher Columbus Park, which is maintained by the Friends of the Christopher Columbus Friends. The Founding members of FOTNEP include members of the planning meetings for The Big Dig.

    Our plan includes removing dead, diseased and damaged plants and replacing them with four season, interesting horticulture. The structure of the park will not be changed. The Conservancy acknowledges these planting beds have failed.

    We are happy to share the plan and walk the parks with you and anyone interested, as well as review the budgets. We are aware of the budget constraints, and offer a viable solution for improved maintenance and outcomes.


  3. Am I the only one who thinks that whomever is running the Greenway as presently constituted is doing a great job? I think the Greenway, from Chinatown to the TD Garden, is fantastic. I’m on it several times a week and am amazed at the different greenery, events and art.

    I really cringe to think that it will somehow get in the hands of the state of MA to run on an annual basis. The state doesn’t exactly have a good track record at this sort of thing.

  4. Diane:

    As long as any friends group works in conjunction with the Conservancy to improve maintainable plantings, i will support any efforts to better the parks.

    My concern is that the Greenway is under extreem pressure from the Commonwelth and the media (some of it rightly so) and I do not want to cause further harm by fracturing neighborhood support for what I believe and obviously John believes are very successful and enjoyable parks.

    I would love to review your plans and be helpful to you in your quest to better our neighborhood parks. I will chat with you offline and email you.



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