Support The Boston Harbor Association in the 36 Hour Giving Common Challenge, October 10-11

Here is a great opportunity to help The Boston Harbor Association raise money and qualify for Boston Foundation grants through the 36 Hour Giving Common Challenge starting Wednesday October 10th at 8:00 am and ending on Thursday, October 11th at 8:00 pm. Credit card donations can be made from $25 on up. Over $150,000 in grants will be awarded to qualifying non-profits. TBHA is hoping to raise $25,000 in total. Be a part of the efforts to keep the harbor clean, accessible and prepare for the the next phase of sea level rise.

Click here to go to the Giving Common Challenge page for TBHA.

TBHA’s Board is also matching donations and there are great harbor prizes to win too! Spread the word. Read more about TBHA below.

How do you like your Harbor? Like this in 1987?

Or like this?

The Boston Harbor has gone from one of the dirtiest harbors in the nation to one of the cleanest, and attitudes about the water have changed. The Harborwalk now provides public access to the lovely vistas, and this summer, thousands flocked to the harbor to celebrate Summer on the Waterfront. We, at The Boston Harbor Association have enjoyed making these things happen.

TBHA has been driving changes on the waterfront for thirty-nine years. Help us continue our mission this Wednesday with the Giving Common Challenge. Between 8am on October 10 to 8pm on October 11, any online donations you make to The Boston Harbor Association through Giving Common will be matched by our board! Your contributions during this time will go towards a list of fantastic projects, including:

Expanding Summer on the Waterfront in 2013, a phenomenal summer-long promotion of all the cultural and recreational activities across Boston’s waterfront, Greenway and the Harbor Islands,

Working with waterfront property owners and the City to prepare for climate-change related flooding, and

Completing and enhancing the 47-mile Harborwalk from East Boston through Dorchester.

To sweeten the deal, everyone who donates to TBHA during this time will be eligible to receive harbor-related prizes generously provided to us by Boston-area businesses. Spread the word, and make your donation work harder for the Harbor!

We appreciate your generosity at any time. Come join us in our work for Boston’s Waterfront. It’s a beautiful view, but we’ve still got lots to do.

Thank you!
Julie Wormser
Executive Director, TBHA