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Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” TV Show to Film at La Galleria 33 on Salem Street

Gordon Ramsay’s Fox TV show, “Kitchen Nightmares” returns to the North End to help La Galleria 33 located at 125 Salem Street. Filming for the future episode is planned during the week of May 16 – 22, 2012.

La Galleria 33 – 125 Salem St. (Google Maps Photo)

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay visits restaurants in trouble and “wakes them up from their Kitchen Nightmares.” During his last visit to the North End, Ramsey filmed at Davide Restaurant on Commercial Street in December 2010 and revisited it in July 2011.

At the May 14, 2012 meeting of the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council, NEWNC, the Kitchen Nightmares production company known as Upper Ground Enterprises is scheduled to speak to the neighborhood regarding filming details. The TV production will probably be looking for street space for its trailers and equipment. Parking vouchers are likely to be offered to make up for the lost spaces.

View the Davide Kitchen Nightmares TV episode.

2 Replies to “Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares” TV Show to Film at La Galleria 33 on Salem Street

  1. This was the best Kitchen Nightmare episode ever produced!! The sisters have wide appeal, are funny, have great personalities,
    are pretty, and just present as REAL people. They’re somebody we know!

    That combined with all the drama that goes on in the restaurant would make a great TV show that I’d watch regularly….and I live in Hawaii. This was a nice break from the usual KITCHEN NIGHTMARE restaurant story with angry and/or depressed owners!

    I LOVE THESE LADIES! I want more so go visit them twice a year Gordon Ramsey!

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