Dog Obituary: Tobie V of the North End

Tobie V 6/28/01-4/18/12

Tobie V 6/28/01-4/18/12

Tobie was a totally unique and amazingly devoted dog to his caretaker and companion, DonnaMarie. He was a constant source of unrequited love to her. He squeezed a tremendous amount of joy-giving into his decade amongst both people and fellow canines and cats as well as his avian brothers – all with a heart so many times the size of his little body. A stylish boy who wore numerous snappy outfits with great aplomb along North End sidewalks, he brought countless hours of smiles and comfort to hundreds upon hundreds of residences at the Spaulding North End Nursing & Rehabilitation Center in need of some doggie cheer. He was also known to light up the camera on numerous casting calls and was cast for a tv pilot filmed by Emerson Students and a tv commercial. He was a real Momma’s Boy in the real and true sense of that phrase. Truly missed and loved by his family and the community.

8 Replies to “Dog Obituary: Tobie V of the North End

  1. Rest in Peace, Tobie. Donna my thoughts and prayers go out for you in hope that you will be alright. take care sweet Lady and know that we are here for you.

  2. Donna, so sorry for your loss. Tobie was blessed to have you in his life; you were wonderful to him.

  3. Rest in Peace Tobie! You were a Savior to many a patient here on Earth..and now is your time to Rest in Peace..Hugs and much love to Donna and Gabe and to all who Loved You Here on Earth..God Bless You..

  4. Thank you very much for the condolences for my beloved boy .

    While his passing was a blow and my heart still aches, I know he is not suffering and for that I am blessed.

  5. Today would have been his 11th Birthday. He is with me in my heart though I still miss him terribly

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