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Post-Gazette’s Pam Donnaruma Wins Good Neighbor Recognition Award from Clean Streets Committee

Pam Donnaruma, publisher of the Post-Gazette at 5 Prince St., is the March 2012 winner of the Good Neighbor Recognition Award, presented by NEWRA Clean Streets Committee member, Janet Gilardi. Also posing for the camera is the famous Freeway, Post-Gazette columnist.

The monthly award is voted by the committee and given to local businesses and property owners that consistently keep their sidewalk and street gutters clean of trash and debris.

Publishing for over 115 years, the Post-Gazette has been at its current North End Prince St. location since 1962. Pam remembers when keeping the street clean was a priority for everyone. “We were proud of our streets and the way they looked. Everyone took part in keeping the streets clean. I am happy to keep up that tradition.”

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