Introducing Yankee Doodle Candy, the North End’s newest candy shop that opened this past week at 56 Salem Street. Not just your basic candy store, Yankee Doodle offers a mix of new craft candies, artisan chocolates, and the old-school classics. The store had their grand opening on October 24th, just in time for Halloween. 

It is hard to miss the decorated storefront, located at 56 Salem Street.

Aiming to be, “Your All American Candy Store,” the shop will bring back memories, because many of the candies were popular when your grandparents were growing up. They carry the classic favorites, along with specialty items like fudge and chocolate dipped potato chips.

“We have always wanted to have candy store, so when the opportunity arose, we took it,” said Virginia Omar, who is helping out her daughter Lia Collins, who owns the store. “Candy brings nostalgia and memories of the old style candy store where you went as a kid.”

Not only does the shop bring enticing candy and a colorful atmosphere, “I think this brings a new depth to the North End, there is nothing like this in the North End,” Omar added. “It’s just a happy place, nobody is in a bad mood in a candy store!”

The new shop is located at 56 Salem Street in the former location of DiPaolo & Rossi Meat Market that closed earlier in the year.

Gravity Bins
Gravity bins offer an interactive way to get your favorite candies mixed to your preference, priced by weight.
Fresh Chocolatey treats are delivered fresh from Haven’s Handcrafted Chocolate in Portland, Maine.
Offering taffy, chews, chocolate lobsters, wax candies, licorice, and more.
Offering taffy, chews, chocolate lobsters, wax candies, licorice, and more.

Find our more about Yankee Doodle Candy at their website, and Facebook.

Photos by Conor Finley. 

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