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North End Send Off for Ricky Scimeca

Ricky Scimeca was given a North End send-off on Sunday, June 12, 2011. Home for just a week from the Rhode Island 182nd National Guard Infantry Battalion, Ricky ships off to Afghanistan on Tuesday. The Saint Anthony Society hosted the event for Ricky, who was present with many family and friends including his mother North Ender Olivia Scimeca and brother Nicholas. Food and beverages were donated by Monica’s and members of the Saint Anthony Society.

5 Replies to “North End Send Off for Ricky Scimeca

  1. I worked with Rick a short time while he was a security guard at the TD Garden in Boston. Funniest thing I remember from that place was a midget that came running down an asile towards the wrestling ring and jumped up into it. All four of us guards looked at each other as if we were to jump the guy, until we realize he was part of the show.

    Fly the flag!

  2. Thank you Matt the Video is awesome! I appreciate you stopping by and posting this. The send off was unbelieveable!
    The members of Saint Anthony's Society and Saint Lucy's Society made the day very special for my son. The support from my family and friends and community was overwhelming. The next 10 months will be very difficult for me but I know I wont be alone living in such a caring and loving neighborhood. When the society told me they wanted to have a party for Ricky I was very grateful. I wanted to contribute to the party so I called Monica's to order trays of food. After putting in a large order I was told that the food was their gift to RIcky – only in the North End!
    Every detail of today was perfect – even the band that was with St. Anthony's procession played the Army song as a tribute to Ricky.

  3. Ricky-
    God bless and take care. St John School will keep you in our thoughts..stay safe! Proud of you!

  4. Ricky,
    I'm glad I got a chance to see you before you left. It was quite a send off they gave you and Auntie Mary, MIkey ,Nicole and I were happy to be part of it. Remember everything we talked about in the past and don't forget that I am very proud of you. I know your grandparents would have been proud as well. Take Care of yourself and take care of your buddies. They're going to do the same for you.
    Love you
    Uncle Mike

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