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Opening Night Spectacle at St. Anthony’s Feast [Photos]

The opening night of the 93rd Saint Anthony Feast was a spectacle to be seen on Friday as the meticulously gold-adorned statue of Saint Anthony emerged to throngs of the faithful. The exposition and blessing by Fr. Antonio from Saint Leonard Church was followed by a short procession before the statue found its temporary home at the feast chapel on Endicott Street. Check out the photos below from opening night on August 24, 2012.

See also, photos from Thursday’s neighborhood night BBQ and cookout.

For more information, see or the weekend feast schedule.

Photos by Matt Conti. Click on the photos to enlarge and see them in a slideshow.  Download high resolution versions of these photographs and order prints/products here:

7 Replies to “Opening Night Spectacle at St. Anthony’s Feast [Photos]

      1. Matt Conti is the owner of this blog…photography is his hobby …not his job… can’t imagine the pictures being any better if taken by a professional photographer. Thanks Matt!

  1. I appreciate the kind words. It makes staying up late to process/edit them worth it! I also want to thank the St. Anthony Society for their help with access … all the societies have been great in putting up with my camera lens. It’s really been a privilege to document these historic events.

  2. The neighborhood those of us still here and those who keep in touch by reading the news right here and viewing your pictures truly appreciate the efforts you make to put a smile on our faces. thanks again Matt.

  3. This year’s feast was wonderful- well attended, well managed, and well done! Everyone was enjoying themselves. I hope the vendors did well.

    Compliments to the committee and to everyone who had a role in making this one of the most memorable St. Anthony’s feasts in recent memory.

    Your neighbors on Endicott Street appreciate everything it took to make this a wonderful event. And Endicott is now clean as a whistle (but this happens every year!).

    Denise et al

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