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Surviving Moving Week

The week started with a bang as the fantastic weather brought out record crowds for the St. Anthony’s Feast along with a sellout crowd on Saturday for the first UFC Mixed Martial Arts event at the TD Garden, not to mention several private events and fireworks.

As the calendar turns to September, the moving vans fill the streets and the college migration period reaches its peak. And all that comes with it …

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3 Replies to “Surviving Moving Week

  1. The best way to survive the move- in madness is to stock up on the adult beverage of your choice and watch the insanity from a safe distance. It can be very entertaining watching the trash pickers, the people who think THEY are the ONLY ones moving in or out and fight with everyone over parking their truck, watch the police chase the moving vans and said vans circling for 15 minutes, parking illegally again and getting chased and a ticket this time around. Don't forget it is a once a year banquet for our furry friends and for a really good chuckle there is the famous rat dance and screaming song done by the kids from the burbs aka the city virgins. Such free entertainment!

  2. I don't get a chuckle when the new neighbors, recognizing that they shouldn't be putting their trash out, walk across the street and put it in front of someone else's building instead. I hope the city writes a boat load of green tickets and collects on them all.

  3. Mary…I fought with people moving OUT from 10 am on Sunday until Noon time about putting garbage out that early, especially since people were waiting for St. Anthony to arrive on the my street. I fought with a well dressed trash picker from 11 AM until close to midnight who ripped EVERY bag open taking clothes, shoes, and who knows what . She kept coming back until I yelled the one word of English she understood. Immigration and then she ran away. Kept coming back all night. My neighbor chased her at 3:30 AM and she woke me up at 4:30. The absentee landlord could care less. At one point I wanted to cheer for the rats to go into the offenders' building when they left the door open

    You have to admit the image of a "newbie" doing a gene kelly"singin in the rain" routine when he/she sees a rat run in front of him/her is sort of funny.

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