Community Health & Environment

Trash Improvements at Cutillo Park

The Friends of Cutillo Park have been working with the Parks Department to get a new, park-like trash barrel that was installed last Friday next to the basketball court at the Park, located on Stillman Street in the North End.

The previous lone trash barrel in Cutillo Park, which was a 55-gallon drum, was recently taken away by the Parks Department because of several instances of household trash disposal in the barrel. Hopefully this new barrel, with the smaller opening, will discourage this behavior. The Friends group will also be distributing flyers and posting signs in the Park to instruct against disposing household trash.

Even without its trash barrel, Cutillo Park has been much cleaner than usual, thanks to the efforts of the Park’s neighbors and users. It appears many people are picking up some trash in the park now and then.

Friends of Cutillo Park would like to thank everyone who has been helping out! A little effort by a lot of people can make a big difference in the neighborhood. Hopefully that will carry over into the North End Clean Streets program, which is just getting started.