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Bartlett Place – Not Feeling the Trash Pickup Love

Jane Doe has been wondering when Bartlett Place is going to get some attention regarding the trash that continues to pile up from the weekend through Tuesday. It hasn’t be picked up during the regular residential garbage runs because it’s not at the end of the street where the collection point is located. She has reported it to the hotline and believes her neighbors have done the same. She’s also contacted Suffolk University because it looks to be their students causing the mess. So far, no change other than the mattresses and furniture are now soaked after today’s rain.

This might be a good time to remind folks of a public meeting next Tuesday, September 11th, regarding making Bartlett Place into a pocket park. See the details. Maybe then, someone will take care of it.

Here are Jane’s photos taken Tuesday evening:



Update: The trash has been cleaned up as shown in this photo taken by John Pregmon the afternoon of Wednesday, September 5th.

Bartlett Place – September 5, 2012 (Photo by John Pregmon)

23 Replies to “Bartlett Place – Not Feeling the Trash Pickup Love

    1. call Nicole Leo, Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services 617-635-6485
      Call the Mayors hotline and ask to speak with Janine Coppola who is in charge of that Dept and lives in the North End
      Stephen P or Kathy in Sal L’s office 617-635-3200

    2. I live on Bartlett Place and have told the residents–on multiple occasions–to move their trash to the end of the street. They don’t seem to care. While I’d like to see the trash removed, I’d also like to see people take responsibility for their own trash.

  1. I have called LaMattinas office about the trash and I also made mention of the potential dangers of 3 to 5 college age kids all standing out of the fire escape at one time smoking. God forbid that fire escape collapses. I felt it was warranted.

    Thanks for the input! John, several people have spoken to them. They do not care and, unfortuately,I have the distinct impression this will be a ‘problem building’ in the near future since it appears the entire building is college aged kids with no regard for the property or their neighbors. Sad.

  2. John, as follow up, I hope you will be in attendance at the meeting on Sept 11th! Welcome to Bartlett Place!

    1. Jane, I agree that we will have to look after this “problem building” as the year progresses and I will definitely be at the meeting next week! See you then and thanks for all your efforts with the trash removal!

  3. I have called there property manager for 20 bartlett place seems he didn’t inform new tenants about trash (he says he has got fined and will take care of it) here is the number 617 383 9461… I have made so many calls about trash and cars parked blocking the fire lane its nice to know others on Bartlett care too!!! Maybe if we keep up the calls it will make a difference..see you at the meeting

  4. I live on Bartlett and have found the property managers number of 20 Bartlett (6173839461) seems he didn’t inform tenants about trash days…Great job on making everyone aware of this problem, I have called so many numbers to try to fix it, so good toknow I’m not alone! See you at the meeting

      1. Hi Joyce,

        The city assessing data is not always up to date actually.

        The person(s) listed up in NH are the previous owners and are deceased the estate sold the building recently.

        The building was sold on July 23rd to Saltshaker Holdings, LLC (managed by Jeffrey Zucker) for $1.175 million.

        (see page 9)

        I hope the property manager who commented on this piece can get things under control.

        1. Good to keep in mind the next time I try to look up the owner of a building where a wild party is happening. Wouldn;t want to call the wrong person at @ 2AM.

  5. Thanks, Jen. That’s awesome. Thanks for the follow up and tracking down the property manager.

    I wonder though how long can the trash sit there before someone – anyone addresses it.

    Great, there was a fine, as there should be…Can there be a fine for every day it is left there? It’s officially 5 days now (and the pile appears to be growing).

  6. My name is Vin and I am the property manager for 20 Bartlett Place. Some tenants just moved in and they made the mistake of putting the trash outside the door. We take responsibility and apologize to everyone for this and will make sure it does not happen again. We were made aware of the trash when our neighbor chose to publish it in the paper instead of calling me first. This is very unfortunate for us, and our tenants, I wish we had found out first because we would have taken care of it asap. I often go to the property and was made aware today that this trash started piling on Saturday of this holiday weekend.

    This is an unfortunate way to start our relationship with all of you. We hope to redeem ourselves in your eyes and we hope you call us first if there ever a problem. We take care of our properties and so do our tenants, which the majority of are not students but young professionals.

    If there is EVER a problem again feel free to call me and I will take care of it (617) 383-9461.


  7. I appreciate the apology, Vin. I really do, but with all due respect, your tenants were told by at least two of their neighbors where the proper place to put trash was and they didn’t bother to move it. There were two missed opportunities this week alone to have that trash in the right place.

    I do know there are college tenants in that building because I heard them discussing, let me rephrase, shouting about their school classes and homework right here in the middle of the street.

    But I appreciate your contact information and will be calling you in regards to any future problems (which I foresee) based on recent behavior I have been privy to – since i live here on Bartlett – these past five days. Though my hope is that it’s not necessary.

  8. Its just to bad a simple phone call didn’t resolve this calls started Sat to the management company (to be rerouted to a handyman for emergencys) FINES and news publishing was the only way we got recognized (Vin you said the only way you knew was because of the fine, I informed you of this web page during our call)

    All is well and clean here now, Hopefully everyone will just respect where we live, this is our neighborhood and I’m proud of it!

  9. Agreed, Jen. My phone calls started Saturday morning as well.

    I hope going forward everyone can respect our neighborhood (which I happened to be very fond of as well)!

  10. OK, last one. 🙂

    I have had a few recent emails between Vincent (the property manager) and myself.

    I’m impressed with his quickness to respond to the situations I mentioned to him and I hope this will mean a nice enjoyable Bartlett Place with our newest residents included.

    Though there is still work to be done, I thank everyone for all trying to work together to make our neighborhood safe, clean & enjoyable for all.


  11. Placement of trash is a real problem throughout the North End, especially in buildings where there are absentee landlords. I am constantly getting expensive fines for trash improperly disposed of in front of my house because the college students next door (Suffolk again) put it under the tree in front of my house rather than in front of their own building, despite my requests. How can I be held responsible for trash in front of my building when I have no control over it. My two tenants are older, professional people who are very conscientious about trash disposal. Last weekend we were ticketed even though we were all away all weekend, since the students moved in next door and left a mess. The city needs to get a handle on this as it is clearly unfair!!!!

    1. I am in the same building as “Fulton”, above, and I second his/her frustration with the trash situation from this past weekend. The long-term tenants in our building (which is owner-occupied) are well aware of the trash rules, and the picture that accompanied the fine showed trash from a move out of a neighboring building (our building had no change in occupancy) that spilled over onto the area in front of our building (furniture, etc.). The city made no attempt to identify the source of the trash (although, in the past, inspectors have gone through trash bags to find bills, magazines, etc., that identify the culprit). I appreciate the vigilance of some neighbors on Fulton Street, but these efforts have also led to long-term and responsible residents and building owners being ticketed for others’ trash. We are going to appeal this ticket and have already requested a hearing.

      1. Today our building got a trash ticket. Turns out that after digging through the trash an address was located. Turns out that address is none other than the infamous Steve Fustolo. Thanks for dumping your trash in front of our building on Cooper Street and hitting our association with the fee, Steve. Hopefully the city will allow forwarding of the bill! This guy is the worst.

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