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Neighborhood Photo: Welcome to September in the North End

It’s September 1st, move in day and when the City estimates 70% of new leases turn over. Rentals in the North End continue to be a hot spot and this Salutation Street scene is an annual ritual. (Photo by Conor Finley).


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10 Replies to “Neighborhood Photo: Welcome to September in the North End

  1. The whole trash thing is disgusting the North End is not a home, its a playground nobody respects anybody or anything. Just Disgusting.

  2. The big problem in the NE is that too many people are transients & know that in their circle’s it’s “trendy” to live in the NE [ALTHOUGH BRIEFLY] They have no history here & aren’t vested in the neighborhood.They belong in Allston/Brighton

    1. Or the problem is the landlords that chase every last penny so they end up with lousy tenants who don’t stick around. For the second year in a row, there was no turnover in my building and I credit a lot of it to my landlord who will sacrifice a few bucks for a good longstanding tenants. Most of my building has been tenants for more than five years. Also, since everyone likes to blame the outsiders, everyone is my building is an outsider and there are no issues whatsoever with trash, noise, crime, etc.

      1. Your fortunate, but mommy & daddy are paying the freight for many of these people. I mentioned Allston/Brighton check out what these pigs leave behind next to their “go green ” & “save the planet” bumper stickers when Sept 1 comes around every year.They refuse to even put their pizza boxes,beer & wine & liquor bottles and trash in a dumpster,

  3. This will continue as long as it doesn’t cost anyone anything to just dump trash on the sidewalk. Sure, inspectional services can come out and issue tickets, but that doesn’t prevent the dumping of trash/furniture in the first place. People pay the tickets (or not) and move on, but obviously the ticketing is not a deterrent.

    Perhaps there needs to be a process where people who are moving need to register with Inspectional Services – provide their name, date of move, and address of move (whether you are moving in or out). It very well may be that some of the people moving in/out have no idea of the possibility of getting fined. Perhaps some sort of registration process could at least make some people schedule their moves around trash pickups, so the trash is not on the streets for days. And maybe this process would make it easier for inspectional services to issue immediate fines. Anyone caught dumping on the sidewalk during off-hours is fined immediately, and the fine is subject to increase (two- or three-fold) unless the offenders remove the trash within a few hours. this is a higher level of accountability than currently exists.

    maybe the city can strategically place dumpsters temporarily around the neighborhood. This would AT LEAST give people a place to dump items rather than dump them on the sidewalk. I have to believe that at least some people would use them.

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