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221-227 Commercial Street Presents ATM Variance

221-227 Commercial Street

Kevin Curry, co-owner of 221-227 Commercial Street, presented to the NEWRA Zoning, Licensing & Construction Committee to add an ATM machine as an approved use for the property at the corner of Atlantic Avenue & Commercial Street. Current zoning includes a car wash, gas and service station, and drop off/pick up laundry. The location is currently leased to Lavanderia Cleaners.

Currey explained that he and partner Nick D’Amore (not present) have owned the property for decades which used to have a gas station/car wash.

A few years ago, an ATM machine was installed. Curry indicated this was done by his partner without his knowledge. A city inspector has recently raised the issue that the ATM is not an approved use.

The eventual plan is to sell the property, according to Curry, although no sale is currently pending. Lavanderia owner, Gary Pedi, attended the meeting and is a potential buyer. The property is currently zoned with a 55 foot height limit, similar to most of the North End.

No abutters attended the meeting. ZLC Co-Chair David Kubiak queried whether owners at the abutting Prince Building received any notification. Curry said he was unable to enter the building to distribute notices.

Kubiak asked about the existing billboards on the property, “wondering if they need to be legalized?” Curry said he previously submitted an application but never received a response. Regarding city approval, he said, the “BRA does not have an inherent power to regulate the signs.”

Regarding the April NEWNC meeting where he did not show up, Curry said he was told the item was taken off the agenda.

NEWRA will vote on the application on May 13th at its monthly meeting. The City’s Zoning Board of Appeals hearing is scheduled for May 25th.