NEWRA Agenda for June 14, 2012 Features Improv Asylum, 133 Salem St., Hospitality Homes, Summer Party and a Glass Garden

Date: Thursday, June 14, 2012
Time: 7:00 PM
Location: Nazzaro Center, 30 North Bennet Street


7:00 PM – 7:20 PM

  • President’s Report
  • Membership Committee
  • Parks and Open Space Committee
  • Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee

Zoning and Licensing Applications

7:20 PM – 7:40 PM
216 Hanover Street, Improv Asylum
, Norm Laviolette has applied to the Licensing Board to add cordials to the existing Malt and Wine License.

7:40 PM – 8:00 PM
133 Salem Street, David Crocini
has filed an appeal for zoning relief to change the legal occupancy of the building from 4 residential units and retail store (formerly Sheldon’s) to 3 residential units and fitness center, including conversion of the basement for fitness center use.

Other Business

8:00 PM – 8:10 PM Hospitality Homes, a nonprofit organization that finds free housing for people traveling to Boston for medical care, will give a short presentation regarding its organization.

8:10 PM – 8:20 PM Summer Party – It’s time to start planning our annual summer party. We will briefly discuss what, when and where, in light of this year’s demands on NEWRA’s budget.

8:20 PM – 8:50 PM Nate Swain is proposing a Glass Garden at the corner of Richmond and North Street within the empty concrete fenced space. It would be made with custom tiles consisting of thousands of blue and black opal glass beads inspired by the colored lights of the trellis at Christopher Columbus Park. Nate is currently talking with the North Bennet Street School about the project and would also like to get feedback from North End residents. If all parties approve, Nate plans on doing a fundraiser to pay for the artwork. He would like the project to be viewed as a building-warming gift to the North Bennet Street School from the neighborhood.

View PDF version of agenda.