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Public Safety – “Good Month in North End”

Captain O’Rourke of District A-1 Police reported that May was a good month for the North End, in terms of relatively low crime incidents with no homicides or sexual assaults. After the 2 attacks in April, police have increased patrols throughout the neighborhood and engaged in more proactive questioning of suspicious people by officers.

In May 2009, crime statistics show 1 robbery, 3 assaults (primarily domestic disputes), 5 burglaries, 17 larcenies and 2 car thefts, an increase of 10 total incidents more than last year. The number of car break-ins is driving up the larceny figure with 11 in May 2009, up from 6 last year. During the month, there were 142 moving violations and 347 parking tickets issued.


The one robbery was outside the 7-11 store at the corner of Hanover and Commercial Streets at 2:19 am. A woman was in a taxi coming from Back Bay and needed money to pay for the cab fare. On the way, the taxi driver stopped outside the 7-11 store and told the woman to use the ATM inside. Upon return from the ATM, the victim reported that the taxi driver held her up at gunpoint taking $60. The victim did not get the plate or hackney number and only provided a description of a dark-skinned male. The Police are investigating the incident.

While stolen cars are not a big problem in the neighborhood, car break-ins are still very high.  Almost all break-ins are to steal valuables such as laptops, GPS, change and other items visible through the car window. Captain O’Rourke emphasized that these are preventable crimes and cautions residents not to leave valuables in sight. Many car break-ins are visitors/tourists which can also give the neighborhood a bad reputation.

The Police noted the following events coming up: Feast Season, Tall Ships (7/9-7/12), Gay Pride Weekend in 2 weeks and the “Life is Good” fundraiser on June 20th. The “Life is Good” march will be centered around Boston Common, but the march will come down to the Greenway.

Residents and the Police also discussed the following problems:

Bova’s Bakery – After the 2 am bar closing time, there is a large noise problem as people head to Bovas for late night food once the bars and restaurants close. The Police reported that their recent visit showed Bova’s in compliance with the rule not to sell pizza/calzones during late night hours. Residents questioned that report and the Police said they will follow up.

Roofdeck Gas Grills – Several residents reported illegal gas grills on neighborhood roof decks. The Police told residents they should report properties to the Inspectional Services Department or the Problem Properties program that is reviewed with Councilors LaMattina and Ross. Residents can call the Councilors’ offices directly or the North End representative, Mark Paul at

Late night parties – The Police read a report regarding an incident at May 18 at 4:30 am at 74 Salem St, responding to a complaint of a late night party. After the 4 offenders were warned, they cursed and yelled at the officers which led to arrests for ‘breach of peace.’

Motorcycle Ordinance – The ordinance sponsored by Councilor LaMattina is waiting for the Mayor’s signature. The Police discussed enforcement challenges, but were positive on the ordinance. More information on the motorcycle ordinance can be found on this post.

Sidewalk Music – 2 men were playing an accordion and banjo at the corner of Salem & Cross Streets last weekend. The Police indicated that if the music is loud enough to carry more than 300 ft, they can issue an excessive noise violation.

Party Boats in Harbor – Loud music from outside speakers is coming from the booze cruise boats in the inner harbor along the waterfront. The Police indicated their harbor unit can look into it.

Cell phone use in taxis – report to the Hackney Unit at 617-343-4475. – The Police encourage residents to sign up to share information and reports with each other. The Police intend to distribute some information via the site. This blog ( is also available and syndicated on that website.

The Police of District A-1 hold a monthly public safety meeting, organized by the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council’s Bob DeCristoforo. All concerned residents are welcome to attend. The meetings are the first Thursday of the month at 6:30 pm at the Nazzaro Center, 30 N. Bennet Street. The next meeting is July 2nd.