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Greenway Changes Coming To Neighborhood

The North End/Waterfront could potentially have three significant construction projects beginning this Fall on Greenway Parcels 12, 13 and 14. The Armenian Heritage Park has been long-planned on Parcel 13, in the space across from Mercantile Wharf. However, the other two projects are relatively new proposals and have been put on a fast track.

Parcel 12, next to the North End parks, is being considered for an urban nursery with potted trees. Greenway officials said they are close to having a donor to fund development of the nursery.

Parcel 14, across from Christopher Columbus Park, is quickly moving toward a proposed Harbor Park Pavilion servicing the Harbor Islands. Congressional funding has already been allocated from the transportation budget for the Harbor Islands Pavilion, with support from Senator Ted Kennedy.

In addition, residents will soon notice a carousel across the street from the corner of Atlantic and Cross Streets on Parcel 14. It remains to be seen how residents will react to “carnival-like” activities & noise across the street from the residential buildings in the North End. There has even been mention of clowns and mimes … well, at least the mimes are quiet.

North End & Wharf District Greenway Parcels.
North End & Wharf District Greenway Parcels.

At a June 2nd joint meeting, the Greenway Conservancy and the Leadership Council introduced these issues that directly impact our neighborhood. During the public comment period, I raised the question of neighborhood input regarding the proposals which was met with a mixed reaction. Nancy Brennan, Executive Director of the Conservancy, generously offered to address the neighborhood groups regarding the programming initiatives such as the seasonal use of the carousel. However, it was less clear whether the neighborhood will have an opportunity to comment on the proposed structure of the pavilion building on Parcel 14 and semi-permanent nursery on Parcel 12.

Linda Jonash, Director Planning and Design, presented the plans for Parcels 12, 13, & 14 adjoining the North End and Wharf District parks. Here are some details:

Parcel 12 – Urban Nursery
This parcel is across from Cross Street next to the North End parks. It is on top of ramps and is currently fenced in. The nursery will be interim, trees grown in containers so can be moved when other plans develop. Should an expected donor come through, planting would begin this Fall.

Parcel 13 Armenian Heritage Park construction is planned to start this Fall depending on funding. The Turnpike Authority gave the go ahead last summer to the Armenian Heritage Foundation. The Foundation has expressed its gratitude to the residents of the North End for supporting this memorial. Located between Faneuil Hall and Christopher Columbus Park, the Armenian Heritage Park includes lawns, fountains, shade trees and benches as well as a labyrinth (circular winding path) and abstact sculpture. More details can be found here.

Parcel 14 – Harbor Islands Pavilion is a new open-air structure proposed across from Christopher Columbus Park (near corner of Cross St/Atlantic Ave) adjacent to Long Wharf. The plan is to have the entire southern portion of parcel dedicated to a pavilion for the Harbor Islands. More details can be found in this post.

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  1. Just when we get accustomed to the peace and tanqillity at the conclusion of the big dig…we get more construction…looking so forward to it!

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