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Harbor Islands Pavilion Proposed for Greenway

Utile & Reed Hilderbrand Concept Image For Harbor Park Pavilion Presented at Joint Greenway Meeting, June 2, 2009

A pavilion selling tickets and showcasing information on the Harbor Islands is being proposed for Greenway Parcel 14. Tom Powers of the Boston Harbor Alliance presented at the June 2nd meeting between the Greenway Conservancy and Leadership Council. The Boston Harbor Alliance is a non-profit group supporting the Harbor Islands.

Through federal transportation funding supported by Sen. Kennedy and the National Park Service, a $5 million pavilion building is proposed for Parcel 14 of the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Parcel 14 is across the street from Christopher Columbus Park adjacent to Atlantic Avenue between Cross and State Streets.

The building structure is designed to be open-air and a gateway to the ferries across Christopher Columbus Park that take passengers to the Harbor Islands from the dock at Long Wharf on the side of the Marriott Hotel.

Features of the proposed pavilion include:

  • a design geared to be a gateway to the islands
  • color-coded shuttle map, exhibition walls, canopies
  • LED lights and acoustic sounds
  • solar panels will make the facility nearly a net-zero energy consumer
  • connecting walkway toward Fanueil Hall

Funds for construction will be available as soon as this Fall or 2010. In response to my question, it was unclear whether the Alliance or Leadership Council would seek input from the neighborhood organizations.

The Conservancy is also planning to have a carousel on this same parcel, adjacent to the pavilion. There are currently no plans for restrooms, an omission questioned at the meeting.

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