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Greenway Conservancy Meets Council

Leadership Council Meets With Greenway Conservancy at Channel Conference Center
Leadership Council Meets With Greenway Conservancy at Channel Conference Center

At the first joint meeting between the Greenway Conservancy and the appointed Leadership Council, participants reviewed a brief history of the Greenway’s first year and looked forward to fiscal 2010. The Greenway Conservancy was originally tasked with just the maintenance of Chinatown Park, but given budget cuts elsewhere, the Conservancy will now be responsible for all the parks maintenance and operations.

Budget numbers revealed that after a $1.3 million deficit last year, the Conservancy’s rainy day fund was tapped to make up the difference leaving $11.9 million in the fund. For the upcoming fiscal year 2010, the operating budget was scaled down to a total of nearly $5 million, of which $1.4 million will come from state transportation funds.

Salaries will make up 33% of the budget which breaks down as follows:
* 45% maintenance and horniculture
* 16% public events & education
* 7% design planning
* 13% fundraising

Upcoming programming initiatives include:
* Carousel in Wharf District Parks for $3/ride, sponsored by Marriott via meal promotions
* The Farmers Market in Dewey square has returned
* Storyboston in the North End Parks

Ann Thornburg, Chair of the Leadership Council, explained the advisory role the council will have and expects a strong dialog with the Conservancy. The charter of the Leadership Council is vague with the only legislative requirement for six meetings.

Notable presentations were made regarding development on Parcels 12, 13 & 14 abutting the North End/Waterfront and a specific proposal for the Harbor Islands Pavilion on Parcel 14 across from Christopher Columbus Park.

As a footnote, two conflicts were announced at the meeting. The Greenway Conservancy has received contributions from Chiofaro, proposed developer of the Harbor Garage site and Raymond, owner/developer of the Government Center Garage Redevelopment.