Street Sweeping Restrictions Resume August 10

Ticketing enforcement for street sweeping in the City of Boston will resume on Monday August, 10.

Failure to move a vehicle during posted street sweeping hours will result in a $40 fine ($90 in Charlestown) and $90 for overnight street sweeping. At this time, the City will not be towing vehicles.

While street cleaning has continued to operate on a normal schedule, the City has not been ticketing or towing for street sweeping violations since mid-March due to COVID-19. This pause on enforcement helped residents remain at home and avoid non-essential travel as the City shutdown to curb the spread of the virus.

“As we continue to support a cautious and phased approach to reopening Boston, we are asking residents to move their vehicles during designated street sweeping hours to allow our Public Works crews to thoroughly clean our neighborhood streets,” said Chief of Streets Chris Osgood. “We know this may be a change in schedule for some of our residents, and we greatly appreciate everyone’s cooperation to ensure our streets remain clean during these challenging times.”

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The City of Boston continues to offer a free 30-day BlueBikes pass to healthcare workers. In addition, the Boston Transportation Department has identified parking facilities available to our healthcare workers at a reduced rate. The City is also waving any parking ticket received by a healthcare worker upon appeal with the exception of public safety violations, such as parking in a handicapped spot or in front of a fire hydrant.

8 Replies to “Street Sweeping Restrictions Resume August 10

  1. How can this POSSIBLY work in the North End? There are hardly enough spots with the outdoor restaurant AND construction. Where would we put our cars? In addition, many people are still working from home so their cars remain in the Neighborhood all the time, so there is nowhere for them to go. Please reconsider for this Neighborhood, or pay for a garage in these days for residents. This is completely unacceptable. The city certainly won’t be ticketing restaurants on the streets that are being cleaned.

    1. Don’t forget all the construction that is going on south of Hanover St… there are almost as many construction workers in the neighborhood as residents now…

  2. Also, what about towing? Is it just going to be ticketing or is it going to be towing too? That usually adds to a $130 fee and an uber ride that some people will not be comfortable taking…

  3. I sent an email regarding this to the Chief of Streets, Transportation, and Sanitation, Charles Osgood. If others want to do the same his email is I hope if enough people reach out we can make the city reconsider this, at the very least for the North End.

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