No Tickets/Towing for Street Sweeping Due to COVID-19

While street cleaning is still operating on a normal schedule, the City of Boston is not ticketing or towing for street sweeping violations at this time.

With residents being asked to stay at home and avoid non-essential travel in attempts to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the Boston Transportation Department is not enforcing street sweeping regulations. The City will continue to clean the streets around parked vehicles.

This only applies to street sweeping; note that other parking restrictions, such as blocking fire hydrants, are still in effect and can result in tickets and towing. Visit the homepage to check for updates.

7 Replies to “No Tickets/Towing for Street Sweeping Due to COVID-19

  1. I’m seeing more available resident parking…which could tell us that many of the resident stickers are for people who don’t live here or many of the residents left for parts unknown.

    I live near one of the schools and as soon as the schools closed their doors, the streets abutting the school where I live saw a lot of open spots during the day. Not sure if it’s cause and effect but something to keep an eye on.

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